Studio to Home #2: DIY Marble Coffee Table

DIY Marble Coffee Table


Okay, so I realize that what I’m about to say is not new or revolutionary, but I’m gonna say it anyways… MARBLE CONTACT PAPER IS AWESOME! In fact, contact paper in general is awesome. I got mine for less than $8 here on Amazon and used it to design a DIY marble coffee table and a matching shelf (p.s. the final project photos are at the end of this post).

So if you’ve been following along, you’d know that I got a new studio and I’m currently in the process of designing it. I plan on featuring some of that here as part of my Studio to Home Series. Missed the first part of this series? You can catch up here.

So last week, I was scrolling through Instagram and came across Studio McGee’s (@studiomcgee) page and I saw this beautiful living room set up:

marble coffee table

How beautiful is that? Well I went searching online and similar pieces were super expensive so I decided to make it on my own. Here’s what I used:

  1. VITTSJO Shelves & Coffee table from IKEA (shelves // coffee table)
  2. Gold spray paint
  3. Marble contact paper
  4. It also helps to have the following handy: scissors or Xacto knife, hard plastic item (like a credit card) to smooth the contact paper and eliminate bubbles, and a tarp

(Pro tip! Search Craigslist for IKEA furniture. You can get them for way cheaper than retail and most of the time it’s fully assembled so you don’t have to struggle for hours assembling it yourself)

Okay so now that you have all of the tools, let’s get to DIYing. Below you can find a photo guide of how I created my own set of matching marble coffee table & shelf:

Ikea Vittsjo Coffee Table

STEP 1: Lay down a tarp (I don’t recommend boxes like I used but its what I had on hand). You can use cut up garbage bags, or even a $3 painters tarp from a place like Home Depot. Wipe down your furniture items with a damp cloth to remove dust/ residue and be sure to use a dry one afterwards.

IKEA Vittsjo coffee table spray painted gold

STEP 2: Spray paint your items. Be sure to use a tarp underneath and make sure that you leave ample time for your pieces to dry. (Pro tip! Save paint and spray paint your furniture fully assembled instead of spray painting individual pieces).

How to lay contact paper, marble coffee table DIY

STEP 3: Lay your contact paper on the wooden shelves.

By the way, corners can be tricky. To do the corners, cut out squares from the corners (see top photo). This makes it easier to fold down the sides (see bottom photo). Notice how I folded down the top, and then I folded down the sides. Don’t forget to unroll the paper in short segments and smooth out air bubbles with a hard plastic (I used my debit card). This video is really helpful in seeing how to unroll and smooth effortlessly.


STEP 4: Last step – Reassemble the furniture. I spray painted individual pieces, so if you painted your furniture already assembled you get to skip this. By the way, don’t forget to windex and wipe down any fingerprints on the glass!

I love this IKEA Hack using the VITTSJO shelves and coffee table. I know others have done this before and there’s different variations floating around the web but this is what worked best for me. Also below you can see the comparison of my inspiration vs. what I came out with. It’s not exactly the same but definitely captures the essence of what I was looking for.

DIY Marble Coffee Table

budget home decor

In the photo above I gave you a peak into some of the accents I use to decorate. A whimsical quote and fresh flowers plus my new grey rug really makes a difference. Stay tuned for a final look in the near future. I keep rearranging the furniture and I haven’t fully decided on accent pieces for the shelves but I promise I will share the big reveal soon!

How do you think I did? Let me know in the comments below!

-xo, Trisha

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