Studio to Home #1: I Found an Apartment!


studio to home series

So I mentioned it casually in the end of my last post and the one before that that I was getting a new apartment. I realized that I sneaked this in and I don’t think I ever really explained what happened. Long story short, my roommate and I couldn’t renew our lease at our current place and we were told we had to move out. It was completely unexpected and came at the wrong time because 1) I had not budgeted for a move like this and 2) I found out during my step 1 study period. Finally, after a long search I found the perfect place for me and I get to sign the lease today.

Surprisingly, I ended up in a studio, which is something that I originally told myself that I absolutely positively could not do. Don’t get me wrong, studios are perfect for a single graduate student who wants their own space. But after seeing the teeny tiny studios that are at my school’s on-campus housing I was turned off by them. I stay at home A LOT (queen homebody over here) and the thought of having only having 4 walls to look at felt like I’d be in a jail cell. Plus, I love to cook and I wasn’t sure I would like food smells constantly filling up my whole place including where I slept and studied.


“Isn’t a girl entitled to wanting a pretty living and study space?”


I know, I know… “I’m in medical school”… “I can’t expect to live in luxury especially when most of my income are loans”, but a isn’t a girl entitled to wanting a pretty living and study space? Long story short, I was quickly humbled by the prices of 1 bedroom apartments in Los Angeles and my friend Jenay made me reconsider getting a studio. From North Carolina she was browsing all of the listings online and sending me tons of them each day so I can try to focus on studying… Honestly, she’s probably more familiar with a map of LA than I am now and knows all of the major intersections after having done so much research (love you Nay). Anyways after seeing a dud of an apartment she convinced me to stop by one last place on my way home. I argued with her on the phone but at the last minute I decided to call the manager and take a peek. Jenay promised that I’d love it and she was absolutely right. There were a few hiccups along the way to getting the place but things surprisingly fell into place effortlessly. It’s like everything was meant to be!

After seeing this place I wanted to take back EVERYTHING I said about living in a studio. This one is small but still much more spacious than any other studio that I saw listed in LA. I wanted an “L” shaped one so I would have a nook for my bed but my building only has open floor plan designs. Lucky for me, my unit is large enough to partition and I plan on doing just that.


Why Document How I Decorate My Studio Apartment?

Since I secured the place I have spent every study break I have (10 minute break for every hour of studying – aka the pomodoro technique) pinning on Pinterest like crazy and researching studio apartment decor. I even browsed YouTube for studio apartment tours to try to get inspired. Everything was either too much DIY and required a lot of tools and work that I wasn’t willing to do or too expensive (you can make anything look good if you have money). I found a few pins online but after a few days of searching I realized that most of the pins were the same images over and over again. Truthfully though, I was really disappointed with what the internet had for me. Like are there really no students who own studios who decorated it nicely (while staying on a budget) that decided to document and sharing it on the internet???

Anyways, after all my frustration I decided to document my studio decorating process. I can’t imagine that I’m the only one out here living in a studio while trying to make it affordably cute without hiring a designer. And that’s pretty much how #StudioToHome came about. I LOVE LOVE LOVE (did I say love enough times?) event planning, decor, and interior design. Between you and me, if I wasn’t in medical school I would want to be a designer of some sort, likely interior design or wedding design. While tracking my progress here, I can potentially help the next person in my situation and I can stay accountable to my budget. As a result, I’ll try to be completely transparent with y’all about the process including cost, successes, failures, etc. And as always if you have ANY QUESTIONS at all definitely ask away!

What you can expect to find in my studio apartment decor posts:

  1. How I budget and keep track of my expenses. I think I want to cap my spending at $1000 (It seems like a lot up front, but I plan on spreading out all my expenses over several months and this includes furniture like a couch, which already eats up at least a few hundred)
  2. Money saving tips for designing and decorating a space
  3. Organization & life hacks
  4. How to maximize space in a small apartment
  5. How to make your space look like an interior designer came with a small budget
  6. Easy DIY tips and tricks
  7. Plus so much more!

Thanks for coming on this journey with me. Be sure to check out my Pinterest board if you want to follow along behind the scenes. I have a Pinterest board specifically for DIYs and another for home decor ideas. Also if home decor is not your thing, thats okay… I’ll be sure to keep posting regularly about other things (medical school, pre-med tips, faith, & life) as well.

-xo, Trisha

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P.S. Here’s a sneak peak of my old study corner. I posted this on Instagram not to long ago and got so much positive feedback from friends, readers, and random strangers across the web. Honestly, this isn’t my best work and was my temporary arrangement. I was meaning to update it eventually but I guess my landlord had other plans. Either way it worked out because I have so many new decor ideas up my sleeve! …and no it’s not a “staged” photo. Unfortunately, I’m actually SUPER anal about my study space and everything has to be meticulous in order for me to be productive.

desk decor

I miss my old apartment & my old study corner. I sold my desk and I’m debating if I want to get a new one or not. My logic is that without a desk I can save floor space. Any thoughts?