Last Friday, I finished my 4 week Psychiatry rotation. I can’t believe I’ve already completed 3 months worth of rotations already (2 months of Internal Medicine + 1 month of Psychiatry). During my last rotation, I did a “Day in the Life” post that was well received. I decided to keep the momentum going by continuing with the series and sharing a day in the life of Psychiatry from a 3rd year medical student’s perspective. Keep in mind, the psych hospital I rotated at had pretty strict cell phone policies and so I don’t really have as many pictures as my Day in the Life… View Post

LIFE LATELY: Woo! This past week has been a whirlwind. Psychiatry is officially over and I’m moving onto Neurology tomorrow. I took my Psych exam on Friday and I was so exhausted afterwards. I’m crossing my fingers I performed well. I spent the weekend catching up on things like laundry and sleep and I don’t regret it one bit.   AROUND THE BLOG: I shared a more personal post earlier this past week. I don’t like sharing too much personal information online, but after a discussion with a friend, I learned a valuable life lesson. I’d love to know what you think. You can check… View Post

Recently I was talking with a friend about life and she reminded me of a very important lesson in life… I don’t owe anyone anything. My friend is a newlywed, and after saying her vows, she told me that she realized anything pre-marriage was a privilege. Now that she’s married and made a commitment before God, her family and friends, sometimes she does things out of love and out of the commitment to her now-husband. Her sharing her experiences really made me think long and hard about the extent that I go to for people. People always assume that I’m very extroverted because I have a bubbly… View Post

So I saw Solange at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday night and she was absolutely, positively amazing! I actually saw the tickets on sale a while ago but I didn’t know anyone who wanted to go with me so I passed on the opportunity. Going to the Hollywood Bowl has been on my LA bucket list for a while and after her show sold out, I was regretting not purchasing a ticket when I had the chance. Thankfully, my friend offered to sell me a last minute ticket since someone in her group wasn’t able to go (thanks Ije!) I immediately jumped at the offer and I… View Post

LIFE LATELY: Life has been AMAZING recently. I’m on my psych rotation, which is one of the least time consuming rotations at my school. As a result, I have had time to enjoy life. I have been seeing my friends more, hanging out, exploring LA, watching my shows, and most importantly I have caught up on so much SLEEP. I have two more weeks of this rotation and then I switch to a new one. In addition to school and having a filled social calendar, I’ve also been juggling graduate school apps. I’m pursuing a dual degree and as a result I have been working on… View Post