Natural Hair Highlights

As you can tell from the title, I got highlights in my natural hair! I recently mentioned in a previous post how my hair was a matted hot mess after getting it dyed a few weeks ago. I got full foil highlights and the stylist teased my hair before placing each foil. However she did not detangle my hair after washing and sat me under dryer for it to dry. It was a recipe for disaster and my hair was so matted, tangled and dry, that I thought I was going to lose my hair from breakage. I love this look and the overall finished product but I’d suggest getting someone who knows and understand how to do natural hair highlights from beginning to end. This means the dying, the styling, the conditioning AND THE DETANGLING!

Thankfully, my mama taught me a thing or two about taking care of my hair growing up so I knew exactly what I needed. I tried a moisturizing conditioner but it didn’t help much and I realized I needed some sort of strengthening conditioner to help. The one thing about chemically processing your hair is that you need to know that your old products may not work as well. For me this meant I had to start doing more protein/ strengthening treatments (I alternate between a keratin conditioner + a moisturizing one) which is something I never had to do before.

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Although my stylist matted my hair to the heavens, I finally had my hair back after I sat for hours conditioning and detangling.  I will say that my stylist may know nothing about detangling or styling natural hair but she knows her stuff regarding color. I keep toying with going back to that salon but honestly they’re so expensive and I know its not worth getting my hair done if I have to leave and spend over 4 hours to detangle on my own afterwards. Anyways here’s a peak of some of the color! (Thanks to Chels for snapping these for me!)

natural hair highlights


natural hair highlights

(Please excuse the pixels! I had to pixelate the background to respect other people’s privacy! Thanks for your understanding!)


What do you think? Personally I love it! It’s lightened up a bit since I’ve gotten it dyed, but my stylist told me that would happen. I’ll probably touch up again in October for my birthday! Let me know if you have suggestions for a stylist in LA/ Southern California. I’m willing to drive if they’re good!

-xo, Trisha


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