How To Fix Damage To Natural Hair After Coloring

If you know me in real life, then you know that I’ve been meaning to dye my hair FOREVER. I finally took the plunge and got it dyed & cut. I will be doing posts in the near future (aka next week) about my hair dying and “deva cut” experience. But for now I want to talk about how I saved my hair from the breakage, dryness, and tangles that immediately followed my dye experience.

Post-dye, my hair was in SHAMBLES. LITERAL SHAMBLES. I think it was partially the dye but also partially because my stylists DID NOT detangle my hair at any point in the process. Not only did she not detangle, but she also teased my hair before placing the highlights and foils, which only added to the knots and tangles. I seriously have no idea why she thought it was okay to tease type 4 natural hair,  wet it, and let it dry under a dryer with no types of detangling whatsoever. Anyways, I was up all night paying for her ignorance.

I got home from the salon and decided to wash my hair to remove the chemical smell from it. By 11pm I was exhausted but I knew I couldn’t go to sleep because my hair would be extra matted in the morning. My regular deep conditioner (I use this Cantu masque from Target) was not helping or giving me any slip with detangling my hair.  It is my HOLY GRAIL that usually melts my hair like butter, so the fact that it wasn’t working probably had a lot to do with the dye, bleach, and just overall damage from a full head of highlights. Even my Ouidad Double Detangler Comb was not passing through my hair or my Denman Brush. Both of which normally glide through even the messiest and most tangled hair.

I ran to Target to make it before they closed at midnight and spent the last 30 minutes of the store’s opening trying to find the product that would be the most promising for my hair. I ultimately settled on the Matrix Biolage Keratindose Conditioner For Overprocessed Hair. I was debating between a few other brands, but I trusted Matrix Biolage and used to love their Conditioning Balm during my relaxed hair days so I settle with this one.

matrix biolage keratindose

Here’s what the bottle looks like. I paid around $25 from Target. But I found it for <$13 on Amazon!


matrix biolage keratindose

Here’s a dollop of it on my hand. It’s thick but gets more watery as you spread it. It doesn’t get so watery that it runs down your neck though, which is nice if you fall asleep with it like I did.


When I got home I KNEW I made the right choice as soon as I placed the product in my hair. I parted my hair in multiple small sections, let the conditioner sink in and then I detangled and twisted each section. By the time I finished it was almost 3am and I got lazy and fell asleep with a deep conditioning cap over my hair. This product melted my tangles, hydrated my strands, and gave my hair strength at the same time. The ONLY thing I would change about this product is the smell. Matrix Biolage products have this perfumed earthy smell to it. It’s like they want it to smell natural, but then they kind of throw some light perfume on top. It’s not too strong and is kind of pleasant but maybe take a quick sniff before purchasing if you’re sensitive to scents.

I love this product and I will definitely repurchase. I’m not sure what it is about this product but it worked extremely well for me. As long as my hair is dyed, I will use this each wash day to restore the strength and moisture to my hair.

Have you ever dyed or processed your natural hair? How did it turn out for you? If you ever plan on dying your hair please keep this conditioner in your arsenal. Then again, I hope you have a stylist that’s a bit more knowledgeable on black hair care than mine was. Let me know about your hair dying experiences (good or bad) in the comments below!







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