Month in Review: November 2016



It seems like it was just yesterday that I was blogging about the beginning of Fall and now we’re at December… Where did the time go?! Here’s my recap of all things November!


Around the Blog

  • REFOCUSING BLOG PURPOSE — My hope is to inspire and motivate others so that they can realize that it’s not impossible to have a beautiful life that’s full of joy and love, plus more than they could have ever imagined (even while staying on a budget)! I hope that by sharing my experiences through life and medicine I can inspire and encourage my readers to cherish the simple things in life, take leaps of faith, and try to be their best selves daily.


  • UPDATED MENU/ CATEGORIES — This change ties in with what I said in my previous bullet. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a multidimensional girl and I want my space to reflect that. Yes I’m in medical school (and yes it takes up my life and energy 99.99% of the time), but I love home decor, yummy recipes, style, travel, and everything else in between that contributes to my beautiful life. I hope these new categories give you a better sense of what you can find here in my digital home and I also hope it’s now easier to navigate the site.



  • WEEKLY EMAIL HIATUS — My weekly emails are temporarily on hiatus for the next few weeks. Instead of my usual weekly automated updates, I’ll be trying out a newsletter-style email that is more personalized. I’m thinking of sending these out 1-2x a month (no more than that, I promise). These changes will be rolling out around Mid-December/ Early-January so be on the look out!


  • POST RECAPS — Here’s some of my favorites and most popular posts this month!
    • Finding Your Tribe – What they don’t tell you about forming your tribe aka your power circle!
    • How to Win at Life – Tips for getting what you want and going after opportunities you deserve/
    • The DryBar Review – I went to The DryBar twice this month and here’s my final review on this chain if you have natural tresses.
    • Premed’s Ultimate Guide to Research Opportunities Part 1/3 – In part 1, I wrote all about finding research opportunities. Look out for part 2 and 3 where I will be discussing how to find funding and how to maximize your research experience.



Around the House

  • Seriously, no updates here. I’m trying to teach myself more discipline and patience in regards to buying things I don’t need. PLUS I may be moving soon and I already have SO MUCH STUFF. I don’t want to get anything else until my moving plans are finalized. I’ll know for sure by March though. Until then I will be doing decor posts here and there but you can count on seeing a bunch of reorganizing and DIY projects instead of making major purchases.



Around the Hospital

  • THE DOCTOR I WANT TO BE — I haven’t talked about this at all but I had a few family members in the hospital. It’s a different perspective to see everything from their point of view. I have more than one family member who cannot make their own medical decisions and seeing my family advocate on their behalf further motivates me to be a physician who LISTENS and  PUTS THE PATIENTS’ NEEDS FIRST especially when they don’t have a family fighting for them, like my loved ones do.


  • NEW PERSPECTIVES & FINDING BALANCE — I was recently reminded of the fragility of life and how easy it can be taken away. There’s times where I’m stuck in the past and then there’s other times when I can’t wait to move from this season I’m in. Too much of both extremes is never good and I’m trying to find a better balance between living in the moment and looking forward to the future.


Around My Life

  • GMAT DONE!! — I took the GMAT last week! YAYAYAY! I am so happy this test is over with. I met my goal even though I took the test running on 3 hours of sleep and only finished 2/9 review books. I’m started wondering how I would have scored if I had gotten rest the night before, finished my review books, and studied a bit more thoroughly. As a result, I’ll probably retake it over winter break to try to beat my score (I am always competing with MYSELF, not others, to be the best me). The best part about the GMAT is that you get your score report automatically after submitting your exam and you have 72 hours to cancel your score. HELLO CAN WE HAVE THIS FOR MEDICAL BOARDS?!


  • HARVARD YALE 2016 — In celebration of completing the  GMAT I made a quick turnaround trip to Boston for the annual Harvard Yale Game. It was my first weekend FREE in forever and I thoroughly enjoyed the temporary break from all things academic. We lost for the first time in forever so that was disappointing, but it was awesome seeing my friends and sorority sisters! I’m trying to plan a reunion with them again for December but we’ll see.


  • ALMOST VACATION! — I am getting ready to go to the Caribbean over winter break. It will be my first real vacation in years and I couldn’t be more excited! I can’t wait to share my experiences with you all.


Around the Closet

  • J. CREW EXCURSION VEST — I bought the J. Crew excursion vest in Cabernet and I love it. It was perfect for Harvard Yale and everyone kept complimenting my outfit. I paired it with an ivory turtle neck, dark skinny jeans, and cognac leather boots. P.S. don’t buy this vest at full price, J. Crew always has a sale of some sort going on. I’d wait until it was at least 30% off or until the end of the season to get it much cheaper to save it for next year. P.P.S. If you can’t wait that long, there are other colors and materials on clearance right now! Use a discount code for additional percentage off!


  • LEATHER BOOTS — I also bought the Steve Madden Intyce boots in cognac. Funny story but these are my ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOTS in the world. I had them in undergrad and wore them so much I put a hole in the sole. My mom saw the hole over winter break and was livid that I still had them. She bought me different boots as a replacement but I was sad because I couldn’t find the Intyce anywhere. A few weeks ago I was browsing TJ Maxx when I saw a box of brown leather boots that looked like my beloved Intyce boots from college and guess what… They were! I’m so happy Steve Madden brought them back. I used to have a black pair so I got the cognac this time, although I will probably pick up a black pair as well if they go on sale. They are $99 at TJ Maxx but if you can’t find them there, they’re $112 on Zappos (use the app for free 1 day shipping!!). They take a few wears to break in (I do this by wearing thick socks with them the first few times) but once they mold to your feet, they are so comfy and can last for many seasons.



A peak at my Harvard Yale outfit! Vest = J. Crew /// Turtle neck = Ralph Lauren /// Boots = Steve Madden!


  • I discovered this blog by Kachi! She lives in London and is a laywer and also a blogger. Her style is super cute and I love her posts. I’m always on the hunt for women bloggers (especially those who are also working professionals). She has a cute love story and shares great posts. Definitely stop by and check out her posts.


  • I love this post on Kevin MD. As as student who’s interested in the intersection of health and business, I found this pretty interesting. Any thoughts?


Whew! Okay that was a LONG update. I’m looking forward to December so that I can go on vacation! How was your November? Let me know in the comments below!


xo, Trisha


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  1. December 5, 2016 / 6:37 am

    Girl!! I loved reading this post and I have so much to say. You sure seem to have had a great month and I’m so excited that I discovered you – totally hoping we meet in person soon!
    Can’t wait to hear how your Carribean vacation goes. We went to Barbados last year and I truly want to go back! Congrats on GMAT @ LOL at no updates around the house.
    Have an amazing month darling!!

    • December 5, 2016 / 6:14 pm

      Thank you so much! I hope our paths cross in the future too. And yes, this new frugal budget of mine has proven itself to be quite handy now that I’m starting to get Christmas gifts. I’m currently doing my holiday shopping for others online and I’m thankful I passed on a few home decor items even though I had my heart set on them. But who knows, perhaps I will find them for much less during the post-holiday sales or even better, maybe Santa will bring them for me lol.

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