Holiday Gift Guide: Medical Student Edition

It’s holiday season and all of my favorite lifestyle bloggers have been posting their own versions of holiday gift guides. I wanted to join in on the fun, but given that a bunch of my readers are medical students or aspiring medical students, I figured I’d throw my own medical twist on it. Most of the gifts I featured here are things that I own, love, and use on a regular basis during medical school. There are a couple of items that I don’t own but I included them here because they’re on my wish list and I can tell they’d be a practical gift for a young professional. Whether you’re a student and are looking for things to add to your holiday list or you’re a friend looking for something to give your favorite future doctor, I think you’ll really enjoy my top holiday picks! Also keep in mind that even though I call this a medical student gift guide, I think any health professional student or aspiring health professional student would love these gifts!


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ONE \\ Leather Travel Roll Up \\ Okay so this is the one item that I don’t own but really want. To stay organized, I usually put everything in smaller compartments and hold them in one large tote bag. However, I can never keep my chargers and cords together. This charger case is so cute plus  I think it adds a thoughtful touch if you personalize it with a monogram. Personally, I’d use this for everyday use in my tote bag to keep my cords and chargers organized, but I think it would be especially useful for pre-med/ medical students who are in their interview season and are traveling often.


TWO \\ Kate Spade Card Holder \\ So I don’t have this EXACT card holder. Mine is a Coach one that I stole from my dad because he never used it. My card holder is so worn that it’s literally falling apart but if I were to replace it today, I’d likely choose this Kate Spade one. I used to be a big wallet type of gal but when I started rotations, I stopped using my larger wallets because they were less portable. A sleek card holder is perfect to slip into my white coat or scrub pockets. As a medical student, lunch comes at spontaneous times in the hospital and as a result, I like to keep my wallet on me because sometimes there’s not enough time to run to the workroom.


THREE \\ Apple AirPods \\ I think every medical student should have bluetooth headphones for studying. I have a pair of over the ear Beats By Dre headphones and even though those are better at drowning out sound, I like my AirPods much better since they are lighter and more portable. These were a spontaneous splurge purchase. Seriously… I didn’t need them AT ALL and I’m not really sure how I walked out the Apple Store with them. Either way, I LOVE my Air Pods and think everyone should buy them. I switched to an iPhone 7plus over the summer and I was perpetually annoyed that I couldn’t charge my phone and use my earphones at the same time (yes I know, #firstworldproblems). These are so handy and I no longer have the issue of needing to choose between earphones or a charger. I use my AirPods for everything – studying, working out, talking on the phone… you name it. The biggest question I get is “do they fall out your ears when you workout” and the answer is No! I use these for strength workouts, aerobic workouts, and even long runs, and they haven’t slipped out yet!


FOUR \\ Keurig 2.0 \\ This was one of the most thoughtful gifts I received last Christmas and it is worth it’s weight in gold. Before this I never had a coffee machine of my own so whenever I needed coffee I had to buy it. I’m not a coffee addict but I spent a good amount of money on Starbucks every week and it was starting to add up. I mostly use my Keurig to make tea and coffee and occasionally matcha. I like getting my K cups in bulk from Costco because they’re super cheap (it costs a lot up front but I promise the price per k cup is literal cents). I prefer my coffee black but I have a few syrups and toppings for days that I’m craving a “fancy Starbucks drink” but don’t want to spend the money on one.


FIVE \\ School Swag \\ I linked to a Harvard hoodie because it’s my alma mater but school swag from any university is always a nice gesture. If you know someone who was recently accepted to medical school then I’m sure they would love something representing their new program. My medical school has a bunch of branded items (mugs, caps, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, etc) and they would make a great gift for recently accepted or aspiring students. Also personally, I’m always lusting after my schools sweatshirts in the school store, so even though I’m already a student, I’d be super appreciative of receiving some sweats that are comfy to study in and show off some school spirit. Btw if you’re in school and are stuck on gifts for the family the “mom and dad” selection in school stores make great gifts. I’m pretty sure my parents own various “Harvard Mom” or “Harvard Dad” items that I grabbed for them as a small gift over the years, I’m slowly building up their “Med School parent” collection too haha! 


SIX \\ Vince Sneakers \\ So these were another impulse buy but I think that they are the perfect shoe for an on the go student who craves style and comfort. I actually got THESE VELVET ONES on clearance from Off Sacks and I’m obsessed. I usually hate sneakers but I love how easy and casual these are and I wear them with everything. I will probably get a pink and a neutral pair at some point since the velvet ones can be too warm when it’s hot out (#LAproblems). These shoes are trendy, comfy, and easy to slip on before running to class and think they’re perfect if you want effortless fashion but still want to stay comfortable for a long day of class.


SEVEN \\ Stethoscope \\ This is the same model stethoscope I have and I love it. I didn’t realize how expensive these things were until I actually had to buy one during my first year of medical school. A stethoscope is a thoughtful and generous gift for any future doctor. I spent like $200-something on mine so I really would have appreciated this as a gift. If you want to be really fancy, you can gift someone an engraved stethoscope or get them a blank name plate for them to engrave themselves after graduation (a bunch of the girls in my class did this since their last names may change).


EIGHT \\ Apple Watch \\ I absolute love my Apple Watch and it has been one of the most useful items I own. I love that I can subtly check texts, calls, and emails in the hospital without having to pull out my phone. Recently I had a situation where I received an important and time sensitive email that required an urgent response and a phone call. Thankfully I saw it on my watch and was able to slip away discreetly and respond ASAP. In addition to giving me all of my notifications, I also love that my Apple Watch tracks my runs (although lets be real I have not been running recently). It is not a must have and is definitely a splurge but I get a lot of use from it and have definitely gotten my money’s worth. I know that 4th year medical students need to respond to their interview invites within hours or else the spots get filled. So if you’re a rising 4th year and want to stay on top of your email notifications, then I highly recommend that you get an Apple Watch to keep the anxiety of missing an interview invite at bay.


Okay so those are my top 8 medical school gift ideas. I hope you enjoyed my little holiday gift guide. Feel free to share any other items on your wishlist in the comments below!


xo, Trisha



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