What Did You Say? Med School Lingo Demystified

Med School Lingo Demystified

Someone once told me that after the first two years of medical school you learn enough new words to make a new language or something like that. I don’t have the receipts to back this up. But I didn’t fact-check them because it feels highly accurate. Not only are there terms we have to learn for our classes like anatomy, physiology, immunology, and pathology but then there are a bunch of colloquial terms that we use that make up everyday med school lingo amongst our peers. If you have a friend or significant other in medical school, they likely said things to you that make you question if they’re actually speaking the same language. Or if you read other blogs by medical students sometimes they might drop a few of these terms leaving you in the dark about exactly what they’re talking about (I’m totally guilty of this – oops!).

Whether you’re someone who actually wants to understand what your med school friends are talking about for once or if you’re about to start medical school yourself this quick and easy “translation guide” will serve you well. Here’s a quick summary of the most “high yield” terms you’ll probably hear:

Medical school translations

My personal favorites are “not high yield” and “summer break”. Do you have any friends or significant others in medical school? If so, does it ever feel like they’re speaking a foreign language to you? Also for my international medical bloggers, do these terms sound familiar to you? Let me know in the comments below!

-xo, Trisha

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