Life Update: I’m Halfway Done With Medical School!!


Hi Friends,

I’ve been slightly neglecting my little corner of the internet. It’s been a whirlwind of a week, but I’m back and hopefully will be able to stay consistent from here on out. Even though it’s only been a week I have a few life updates that I’d love to share with y’all (there are lots so this may be a lengthier post). But before I do that, I wanna share the biggest update of them all…. I FINISHED MY SECOND YEAR OF MEDICAL SCHOOL!!! I am so thankful to everyone who has supported me on this journey thus far! I’m not gonna personally shout you out because there’s many of you (and I also respect your privacy) but if you’re reading this, thank you times one million. Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to recently:

    • Like I said above, I finished my 2nd year of medical school and had my last exam on Friday! These two years went by crazy fast!
    • I’m going to start studying for boards (officially called the USMLE STEP 1 exam) soon, which is going to be boring, but I’m excited to start synthesizing information and I’m excited to be on the other side knowing I gave it my all and that I rocked this exam. I did a little bit of work/ studying throughout the past few months when I had some extra study time and I got a big picture sense of how different organ systems and things like pharmacology and biochemistry really integrate together. It’s so beautiful to me to see how God designed every system in our body to seamlessly fits in together. It’s gonna be a journey but I already have my friend and study accountability partner and we are both ready to keep each other motivated over the next several weeks!
    •  I had a chat with a new mentor that a friend introduced me to and she is SO amazing. I loved hearing about her journey and it’s so motivating to get guidance and wisdom from someone who is where I want to be in several years. I may do a blog post in the near future about mentorship… I’m thinking something along the lines of how to find one, how to connect with them/ make sure they’re right for you, and just how to make sure you are being genuine. So keep on the look out for that. Depending on how much I have to say about it, it may be a longer series of posts.
    • This past weekend (aka the past 2 days) have been so much fun! I decided to give myself 48 hours before I even let the boards cross my mind and it was amazing. Even though I normally spend most of my time talking on the phone and FaceTiming, it was nice to be able to do that this weekend without the thought of needing to study guilt me during my conversations.
    • On Friday I went to a fun bar in LA that’s my new Friday night lounge spot and today I did bottomless brunch in Venice Beach at Areal. Check out my instagram (@trisha_therese) if you want to see how scrumptious it looked and then check out their instagram (their handle slipped my mind right but I tagged them in my photo). If you’re ever in LA, definitely try it. I recommend it over some of the typical touristy LA brunch spots that are super popular.  Seriously Areal has THE ABSOLUTE BEST brunch I’ve had in LA… you should go. End of story.
    • I’m going on a family vacation! My parents usually travel without me since I’m rarely home and my schedule never quite syncs with theirs… except this time I got lucky! I’ll be going to the Caribbean in December over the holidays and I’m so excited. I haven’t vacationed with my parents in years and I’ve never been on a cruise so it’s a double win for me!
    • You may notice a few changes around here. I’m actually taking an online web design course (yes at the same time as medical school) and I’m so excited! I’ve worked on websites for organizations before, but never from scratch like I’m doing here on Three Thousand Miles. I’m doing work on the site in pieces over the course of a few weeks since I’ll be studying for boards & preparing to start my first clinical rotation. As a result, sometimes, things may get started and finished over the course of several days… or weeks. I will try to keep the site up and functional during this transition time, but it may not always look “pretty and polished” since I’ll be in between designs and such so please excuse any “mess.” The perfectionist within me is cringing to know that things may not be perfect until I’m done, but I have to remind myself that I knew this was going to happen. I weighed the pros and cons of launching an already perfect site, or learning the ropes and tweaking it along the way. Obviously I chose the latter, and while TTMB is not perfect and designed exactly how I want it to be, I’m excited that I get to share this journey and my experiences with you. When I’m done with the course I’ll let you know how I like it and such and give you the details. So far so good and I love what I’m learning! If you’re new to blogging, or if you want to blog but don’t know how to start then look out for this post. Seriously, the girl I’m working with has the sweetest spirit and I’m super excited to share what I’ve learned, my experience, and how you can sign up for her course too!
    • Originally, I was so obsessed with numbers and followers but after a few days of that it made my head hurt, and I had to remind myself why I started this blog to begin with. As a result, I haven’t been checking stats as much, but I noticed that my numbers are increasing and I have followers from all over including Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean (don’t worry about your privacy, I don’t know anything about you or your personal information but I can just see how many people visit my page and what countries are the most popular). It’s crazy because I’ve truly witnessed the power of social media here and on my other outlets like instagram and twitter. I also didn’t realize this at first but my posts have been shared on different social media sites and networks including medical blogs and forums (p.s. If you share please let me know! I’d love to know who and where I’m reaching). It’s truly been a blessing to share what’s on my heart and know that people actually care to read it, so thank you for your re-tweets, reposts, pinterest pins, etc!
    • Email subscriptions… I am going back to my old subscription service so there may be some changes there. I don’t have many email subscribers so if you’re reading this, it shouldn’t affect you too much but if you usually receive emails, but then find that you are no longer receiving them then please let me know! The transition is supposed to be seamless so hopefully there’s no problem there at all. Also, if you want to stay updated then please subscribe via the subscription box! I used to do daily emails, but I’m switching to a weekly digest so I don’t clutter your inbox. I also promise to never spam you or give out your address


Like I said, I would love to be consistent and post everyday but realistically with boards approaching I’m going to shoot to post about 2x per week. If that’s not enough Trisha for you then I update my twitter and instagram (both are @trisha_therese) a lot more regularly and I’d love to interact with you there.

And lastly, thank you for your emails and comments! I received some questions and supportive comments and it truly warms my heart. I love connecting with you all. I’m no expert on anything really, but if there’s anything I can share that can help someone else, then I’m always willing to do it, so please don’t be shy to ask about things particularly medical school, my journey as a medical student, professional development, or whatever else you think I can help you with!

Woo well that was a lot, if you made it this far then thank you for not checking out in this lengthy post! What has everyone else been up to? Let me know in the comments below!

-xo, Trisha


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  1. March 20, 2016 / 10:23 am

    Woohoo! I still have a month until I finish second year but it’ll be so fast – I can’t even believe this semester is almost over!

    Also, lucky you get to vacay with the family! I still have a little brother in high school so when my parents go out of town it’s NEVER when my breaks are! Trying to convince my 23 yo bro to visit me though (since he’s never really traveled).

    Looking forward to your changes. . . Really curious as to what they will be 😉

    • March 20, 2016 / 5:58 pm

      It’s going to fly by so fast! I seriously don’t even know where all the time went. And yes I am super excited! Our cruise leaves the first day of my winter break so it timed out perfectly! And thanks, I’m excited for everyone to see the changes too! Hopefully I’m actually able to execute my vision. I have lots of ideas but no time to really start lol

  2. March 24, 2016 / 5:03 am

    Ah! That’s amazing!!! I have so much respect for you. I tried med school and dropped out after a couple of months. Too much schooling LOL!!! But you go girl! That’s so freaking exciting!!!!

    • March 24, 2016 / 5:13 pm

      Thanks girl! Yeah its tough but I’m way to deep in student loans to be turning around now lol

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