Life Lately [9.24.17]

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Photo during my psychiatry/ neurology orientation! We did a lumbar puncture simulation and I did a successful tap on my second try!

LIFE LATELY: Life has been AMAZING recently. I’m on my psych rotation, which is one of the least time consuming rotations at my school. As a result, I have had time to enjoy life. I have been seeing my friends more, hanging out, exploring LA, watching my shows, and most importantly I have caught up on so much SLEEPI have two more weeks of this rotation and then I switch to a new one. In addition to school and having a filled social calendar, I’ve also been juggling graduate school apps. I’m pursuing a dual degree and as a result I have been working on apps, updating my resume, studying for the GRE all on top of keeping up with my medical school studies AND blogging. It’s been pretty hectic on my end, and to be honest, I haven’t had the best time management skills. But I’m trying to maximize the rest of my time to ensure that I successfully complete everything to the best of my ability.

Also random but there’s officially 1 month until my birthday! I’m so excited but I have no idea what I want to do. Anyone have bday celebration suggestions? I hate planing my bday (it makes me feel anxious) but I want to do something special this year. Please let me know if you have any fun ideas.


AROUND THE BLOG: I had brunch a couple of weeks ago with one of my good friends. If you’re looking for a fun vibe for Sunday brunch then I recommend you try EscaLA which is a Colombian-Korean fusion restaurant in the heart of Koreatown. Check out my review if you haven’t already.


LA LIVING: This week, my friend Ije has been in LA for her birthday. We grabbed lunched a couple of times while she was here and I shot some of her pictures for some of her upcoming blog posts. I’m super excited because today we’re headed to a concert and I can’t wait!


WHAT I’M READING: So I’m still reading The Power of Habit… Obviously I haven’t learned anything from it yet because I haven’t made it a habit to read regularly. Has anyone tried audiobooks? I usually listen to podcasts on my ride to and from work but I’m thinking of adding audiobooks to the mix as well in hopes of them helping me reach my personal reading goals. Let me know what you think of them in the comments below.


FITNESS: So this is a new category this week. I have had so much time this rotation and I have made time for everything BUT working out. I have had ample opportunities to get after it in the gym but truthfully, I haven’t gone once. I have been running on and off in my free time (but nothing significant enough to truly make a difference). Anyways, I figured that by posting here, perhaps it would make me a little more accountable to my fitness journey. A friend of mine suggested I use Runkeeper (since I like to run). I’ll let you know how that goes. I have a personal goal of running a race, so perhaps this would be a good time to start training for one.


HOME DECOR: This is isn’t decor related but I bought some paper plates and cups since I had a few friends over recently. I’ve been using the leftover ones and honestly I don’t know why I never got them before. I know disposable plates contribute to waste but its super nice to not have extra dishes to wash all the time. Another time saving tip for me around the house has been do do a bit of cleaning each day. I try not to go to bed with everything in disarray. I still do a proper scrub every week, but picking up some clutter for 10-15 minutes each night has helped my apartment stay clutter-free and organized without using up too much of my time. Plus, when I. have friends come over spontaneously, I know that my space looks decent enough to entertain.


MEDICINE: As I mentioned before, I am on my psych rotation and I am LOVING it. Yes, the hours are AWESOME. But thats not the only part I love. I genuinely enjoy psychiatry (possibly more than internal medicine). For the past 2 weeks I’ve been on the adult inpatient floor and for the next two weeks I’ll be switching to pediatric inpatient. I’m looking forward to working with the kiddos but it’s also bittersweet knowing that a lot of them have social situations and life circumstances that are tough to bear. It will be a tough pill to swallow but I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can. You guys loved my day in the life of internal medicine post, so I’ll be sure to follow up with a psychiatry edition!


Anyways, that’s my life this week. What have you all been up to? Also don’t forget that I am pretty active on social media. To keep up with me more regularly, be sure to check out and follow my Instagram page @threethousandmiles.


xo, Trisha





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  1. September 26, 2017 / 7:59 am

    Whenever I’m feeling lazy I always used paper plates, they come in very handy lol. I also started going to the gym consistently. Trying remain fit and also gain.

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