Life Lately [9.10.17]

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Here’s a selfie of me and my friends from the USC v. Stanford game this weekend!


LIFE LATELY: Oh, hello there! Remember me? I know, I know, I literally fell off the face of the earth. But Internal Medicine was taking up so much of my life that I didn’t have time or energy to blog. I was so busy and when I was home, I was too tired to do anything afterwards. Not only that, but past few months have just been overwhelmingly stressful and emotionally draining. There have been so many ups and downs (truthfully it seems like more downs than ups). But at the end of the day, I can’t complain. I have loving friends and family, I’m working towards my goals, and I’m healthy and safe. I’m happy to be back blogging and I’m starting a much less time demanding rotation on Monday, which means more time for wellness, photography and blogging!


AROUND THE BLOG: So I haven’t been around for the past 2 weeks. But here’s some of the top posts while I was gone:

  1. Whats on my iPhone: Best Apps For Internal Medicine – I shared some of my absolute favorite cellphone apps during my IM rotation. I have to update this post soon though because I discovered a few new favorites after I wrote this post
  2. My 5 Minute Makeup Routine – I wrote about my super quick and efficient routine for clinic/ hospital days + my favorite makeup items
  3. A Day in the Life of Internal Medicine – One of my favorite posts! I walked through out my day in Internal Medicine and what it’s like on the wards as an MS3


LA LIVING: For the most part, I haven’t really done much recently. But this weekend was my first full weekend off in two months. I originally was planning a quick trip back east, but life happened and I stayed in LA. As much as I wanted to go back to the east coast, it was great being able to hangout with my friends instead of studying. A few friends came over on Friday night which was fun. And then on Saturday, I went to the USC Stanford tailgates/game. And on Sunday, I had brunch in Koreatown, which was pretty good. Stay tuned for a review coming soon!


WHAT I’M READING: I have The Power of Habit and I started it a long time ago but never finished it (no surprise there) so I decided to pick it up again and actually finish it this time. I’m hoping my new Psychiatry rotation will afford me a bit more time for leisurely reading. Also, I think I want start a book club. I like books. I like accountability. And I like people who like books too. Let me know if you’re interested!


AROUND THE HOUSE: I bought a few things around the house… I’m thinking I’m going to do a full living room overview soon. Maybe a quick post on how to have a welcoming and entertaining area in a small apartment? I promise I’ll include lots of pictures! Let me know what you think!


MEDICINE: So I’m done with Internal Medicine. For a SPLIT SECOND, I thought I liked it enough to choose it for residency, but I don’t know. I love the thinking and getting to see real medicine but I’m not sure if it’s for me. It’s okay though, I have a while to decide on exactly what I want to do! Stay tuned for a full IM recap post where I share my honest opinions on life in the wards. I’ll be starting Psych on Monday so wish me luck!


I know this post is quick, but I’m genuinely so happy to be back y’all, let me know what you want to see first!


xo, Trisha





  1. September 11, 2017 / 12:34 am

    I’m happy you were finally able to have a full weekend off. I LOVE reading so I’ll definitely be down for this book club.

    • September 11, 2017 / 10:23 am

      Thanks so much Tanya! I am too. It was so nice to have a weekend to sleep in and feel refreshed! I hope you had a good weekend as well. And yes to the book club! I’m reading this book now, but I’m open to suggestions for other ones 🙂

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