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Last day at hospital #1!!

The past few weeks have been really hard. I had to fly back to the east coast two times to attend funerals of close family members and on top of that, I have been swamped with the demands of my Internal Medicine rotation. While I wish my time home was under better circumstances, I am glad I had an opportunity to see my family and loved ones. Thankfully though, with the support of loved ones and friends I have made it through the past few weeks. I’m still sad and still grieving, but I’m finding the strength to make it through each day.

On a lighter note, I am officially 50% done with my Internal Medicine rotation. I am switching to a new hospital tomorrow to finish my last month of IM. I’m excited to see what’s in store for the next few weeks.


I know it’s been kinda quiet here. Between the funerals, rotations, and overall lack of sleep, it’s been hard to find the motivation and energy to blog. If you want a glimpse into my schedule, definitely check out my recent post where I highlight a day in the life of Internal Medicine as an MS3. I have a few posts coming up this week and will be back to posting regularly again. Let me know what you guys are interested in seeing. Posts about Med school? DIY? Living in LA?


My high school bestie is in California and we’re trying to find time to see each other. I’d love to take her sight seeing and exploring but the reality is, I can’t. I get one day off per week and the other days I’m in the hospital almost all day long. But I’m crossing my fingers that our schedules match so we can meet up even if it’s for a quick bite to eat.

I haven’t done much around LA. Today was my first day off in a while, and I spent it cleaning, doing laundry, going to Costco, and going to my favorite place ever (Target!). I got ALL of my errands done and stocked up on toiletries and house supplies for the next month or so (thanks Costco) so hopefully I won’t need to run to the store any time soon.

I probably won’t have time to do much exploring until my next day off.  I’m thinking a beach day? Or maybe a fun hike? Or maybe I’ll find a fun, new restaurant to try?


So I’m still reading Year of Yes… actually it’s sorta kinda overdue to the library. I actually am enjoying it so far. I’m going to try to finish it ASAP so I can stop racking up library late charges. I’ll report back when I finish and let you know my final impressions.


I made the mistake of getting a white rug for my living space and unfortunately, the perimeters are now gray. I bought carpet cleaner from Target but I’m scared it won’t work. If anyone has any tips to remove shoe prints and dirt stains, please let me know! Until then, I will be trying all the various carpet/ rug cleaners I can get my hands on from Target.


As I said above, I’m 50% done with my Internal Medicine rotation. It’s crazy because I definitely thought I would hate this rotation. But surprisingly, it’s a lot of fun. Yes it’s challenging, yes it can be stressful, and yes the hours are long. But that still doesn’t mean that it can’t also be enjoyable.

I really enjoyed my time at my first hospital but I’m excited to go to a new one as well. I love that my school has a variety of sites across Southern California. While it’s annoying to have to fill up my gas tank every other day, its really rewarding to have the opportunity to have my rotations at various hospitals (community vs. private, small vs. large, etc.)


What has been going on in your life recently? I love to hear from you guys! Feel free to share some of your highlights in the comments below!


xo, Trisha


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