Life Lately [7.16.17]

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LIFE LATELY: So, I took a quick unplanned hiatus last week… my cousin was in town so we spent a lot of time together exploring LA and then I had a quick 1.5 day trip to NY for a funeral. I experienced a mix of emotions last week, and between trying to be a good host and spending time with my family in NY, I didn’t really think about blogging.


AROUND THE BLOG: Like I said above I didn’t post last week but there’s still a bunch of fun posts around these parts. Here’s some of my favorites that have been featured recently:

  1. Bags for medical school rotations – I’m still on a hunt for a great med school bag. Let me know if you have suggestions!
  2. Exploring LACMA – I went to the LACMA museum recently and it was so much fun!
  3. Staying organized in med school – Hands down one of my most popular med school posts pretty much ever. I have a part 2 to this post where I go in depth and review my favorite Erin Condren items but because of the events last week, I postponed it for this week, so stay tuned!
  4. Getting into med school with a low GPA and MCAT – So this was another popular post of mine. I received texts, DMs, and emails thanking me for this post. I’ve said it before but med school admissions isn’t my favorite topic (not because I don’t like helping but because it’s sometimes kinda boring). But you guys seem to enjoy these posts and I really wanna pay it forward and be the “mentor” I never had during my pre-med journey. If you have any more questions always feel free to email me!


LA LIVING: My 16 year old cousin is in town and last week I took her around everywhere in LA. We literally ate our way through the city. We had Sprinkles donuts, Laduree, In-n-Out, Randy’s Donuts, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles and all of the other LA staples. I promise we did more than eat and did some sight-seeing too! We visited Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, we went to my favorite beach ever in Orange County, I took my cousin to get her nails done for the first time at my favorite salon, and so much more. I will definitely have to write up about some of these experiences when I get a chance.

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WHAT I’M READING: So on my quick trip to NY, I brought some books with me, but they never got read. I stopped reading You Are A Badass. I dunno guys, I don’t love it. I’ll try picking it up again but I’m not really feeling it. Anyways, what I’m really reading right now is Case Files: Internal Medicine and Step Up to Medicine aka textbooks. I know, that’s lame. But it’s real life. I’m starting a new rotation so I wanted to hit the ground running and start on a good foot.


AROUND THE HOUSE: I did a deep clean of my closet (yes again), except I mostly reorganized and moved things around.

The game changer around the house was that I finally got a Costco membership. I now have a lifetime supply of K-cups for my Keurig, 72 eggo waffles in my freezer (my faves), more salmon I could ever eat, and a bunch of other necessities that I bought in bulk. I also saved about $8 on gas! My Costco trip was pretty pricey BUT I saved a ton of money by buying in bulk (yes I did the math and compared prices to my usual grocery store). I also got a new Nutribullet AND a food processor which means I can make smoothies and salsa whenever I want *insert praise hands emoji’s here*.

In terms of decor, I haven’t purchased anything as of late. I do need to spray paint my desk and my side table and while I’m at it, I’ll probably touch up my gold coffee table I DIYed last year.


MEDICINE: So I’m officially on my Internal Medicine rotation. My school splits us up into two tracks (A & B) and I found out today that all my good friends are on the same track as me. We won’t necessarily have the same schedule but we will be doing similar rotations around the same time and our shelf exams (the test you take after each rotation) will also fall around the same time, which hopefully means we can share weekends off!

During day 1 of orientation today I realized how bad I am at EKGs. They all look like squiggly lines. I plan on spending lots of time with an EKG book to refresh the basics. Other than that, I feel pretty prepared for the rotation and I’m actually impressed with how much I retained from the pre-clinical years.


Anyways, how has your week been? Anything exciting happen while I was gone? Let me know in the comments below!

xo, Trisha


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  1. July 18, 2017 / 10:40 pm

    I love these posts. I recently got a Sam’s club membership and let me tell you I regret not getting one earlier but better later than never. All the best with yoir internal medicine rotation.

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