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LIFE LATELY: This week has gone by so fast. Honestly, where is the time going? I seriously feel like I woke up and fell asleep and the week ended. I also didn’t realize that this weekend is Memorial Day. I have no plans as of yet for the long weekend but hopefully it’s not too late to think of something.

AROUND THE BLOG: I recently posted about visiting the Santa Monica Pier. It’s one of my favorite places in LA. I’m not really sure why, because it gets very crowded (I hate crowds) and there are seagulls and pigeons (I hate birds). But there is funnel cake and that’s really all you need in life, right? I had a bunch of other posts drafted for this week but procrastination got the best of me and I never posted them. You’ll probably get to see those later this week though so stay tuned! Also I have a fun post in collaboration with an awesome brand. It’s actually one of my favorites and I can’t wait to share with you because I know you guys will love them too!

LA LIVING: As I said above I went to the Santa Monica Pier this week. Check out this post to read more about my Santa Monica adventures. Random story but when I went, the amusement park at the pier closed early because someone rented it out for an event. Apparently that’s a thing… can you imagine buying out a park so you can hang out with your friends and no one else? Honestly, I don’t know why I’m so surprised, it’s such a typical LA thing to do.

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WHAT I’M READING: I finished Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling and loved it. I seriously laughed throughout the book and was sad to be putting it down. I’m supposed to start Between the World and Me and The Beautiful Struggle by Ta-Nehsi Coates but I’m really not feeling it right now. I think I’m gonna read Luvvie Ajayi’s book I’m Judging You, instead. I love Luvvie’s blog and she’s absolutely HILARIOUS on twitter so I have a strong feeling I’ll enjoy her book just as much.

AROUND THE HOUSE: So random story but I bumped into my apartment manager in the hallway yesterday as she was giving a building tour to a prospective tenant. For whatever reason they couldn’t show the exact apartment that the tenant was interested in but my studio was similar so they asked if they could step into mine really quickly. When they walked in they were seriously so impressed with what I did with the space so far. The prospective tenant told me that my space looked fresh out of Pinterest, which literally made my heart sing. Y’all know how much I love to decorate and it feels good to know that others love my eye for design as well. By the way, if you missed it, check out my DIY gallery wall here and my DIY marble table here. My building manager was so impressed that I did everything myself!

Also another home update…. I’m getting a new couch next week! A 4th year medical student from my school is getting rid of her grey IKEA KARLSTAD couch before going to residency so now it’s all mine. It’s super cheap (selling for less than 50%) AND I’m selling my current couch for the same price so this new grey one is basically free. I will be buying a new seat cover set though, just to make the couch feel more “fresh” but lucky for me, those are on clearance for Memorial Day. Don’t you love when life works out perfectly? I’ll be sure to share the couch journey with you all as the time comes. I saw a quick YouTube video on how to do DIY tufted seat cushions on the KARLSTAD sofa. I am considering trying that but we’ll see. I’m also selling my grey rug because having a grey couch and grey rug is too matchy-matchy. I saw this picture below on the @2ladiesandachair instagram account I had to screenshot it for inspiration and I love the fur accent rug in front of the couch. Currently, my rug is pretty big and takes up the space of the “living room” in my studio. I always hated smaller rugs, but @2ladiesandachair made me realize that a smaller accent rug can work AND personally I think it makes the space look larger. Plus smaller rugs are WAY more affordable and there’s less carpeting to trigger my allergies!

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IN MY CLOSET: My closet is STILL a mess. One of the goals of the week was to research shelving and organization options but I never got around to it. I REALLY think the ELFA system from The Container Store would work perfectly, but I’m not sure if that’s the most affordable option. Someone suggested in the comments of last week’s Life Lately that I should organize my clothes by color. I used to be the one who organized by color and sleeve length. I even had to have all matching hangers. I’m still just as anal but I’ve been slipping recently and the mess is stressing me out. Despite the closet clutter, I added 4 new pieces to my wardrobe, 2 tops and 2 sandals. I got the top below in bright floral and a sheer white for 50% off. I also got braided leather flipflops and patent blush flipflops. I’m REALLY trying to break out of my shell and get back to wearing color again. I’m also trying to figure out my personal style. My goal is to rebuild a wardrobe where all my pieces are interchangeable as opposed to having a bunch of things that don’t really match or go together. So far I realized that I absolutely love Madewell (just don’t love their prices). I think a lot of my new wardrobe will be centered around that store’s vibe and style.

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MEDICINE: I’m tutoring students at school again (a job that I love SO MUCH) and this time instead of teaching pre-clinical coursework (basically year 1 and year 2 material), I’m doing Step 1 review. If you’re unfamiliar, The USMLE Step 1 exam is 1 out of 3 board exams that need to be passed in order to practice medicine. Step 1 and 2 are taken during medical school and Step 3 is usually taken at the end of your first year of residency. I love tutoring and it makes me so happy when the students I work with tell me that they are really benefiting from our sessions. One thing that I love about tutoring is that I can help someone else and keep them from making the mistakes I made. There’s so many things I wish I could do-over, but because I can’t the next best thing is ensuring that other’s learn from my mistakes.

How was your weekend? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

xo, Trisha

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