Life Lately [11.26.17]

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LIFE LATELY: My childhood bestie is coming to town. She’s also a medical student and will be taking Step 2 CS which is one of the board exams we have to take before we graduate. This exam is offered in only 6 cities (although it’s required for everyone). Thankfully, there’s an exam center in LA and my friend gets to stay with me before she takes it. Thanksgiving has come and gone. I’m so thankful for having 4 days off from school and hospital duties. Although I would have loved to go home, I really enjoyed staying in LA and taking care of myself. I took care of some errands and slept in every single day. It was absolutely glorious and I feel refreshed to go back to the hospital tomorrow.

AROUND THE BLOG: Last week I shared a gift guide for medical students. It’s a compilation of some of the things I have found most useful to have as a medical student or as any type of health professional or pre-med student. Let me know what you think of the list.

LA LIVING: This weekend would have been the perfect time to explore and do something fun around LA. I had plans to go to my favorite karaoke spot this weekend amongst other things but I cancelled everything. This is one of the first weekends where I was off and just spent time by myself and it was very much needed.

FITNESS: I have a workout plan for this week established. It’s quite ambitious because I will be going from 0 workouts per week to 6. I know, I know, I should start off slow. 3 of the workouts are just jogging based on workouts created by my RunKeeper App (I’m starting off slow with alternating walking/running for no more than 15 minutes). And the other 3 are the BBG (bikini body guide) plan, which is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. I started this plan a year ago and I lost 9 pounds in a few of weeks and then I quit and went back to my bad diet habits. My goal is to do 6 workouts per week (3 running & 3 HIIT). I am flexible though so I’m willing to swap a run for a hike or to swap a BBG workout for an intense fitness class. Variety and flexibility are essential for someone who gets bored easily and who also has a busy schedule.

HOME DECOR: I’ve been torn about decorating for Christmas. A part of me wants a tree a part of me feels like it’s a waste of money since I’m not in LA for the holidays. I may get a few wreaths and holiday stuff but we’ll see. Perhaps some Christmas pillows for my couch will be enough to put me int he holiday spirit. Are you decorating your place for the holidays?

MEDICINE: This week is my last week of anesthesia. Afterwards I have head and neck surgery followed by 2 weeks of winter break. I’m kind of nervous for my head and neck rotation but It’s only two weeks AND I get my weekends off, which will make it easier to get through. Thankfully a lot o my anesthesia cases have been head and neck surgeries so I have been able to have a sneak peek into what I’ll be getting myself into over the next few weeks.


How was your Thanksgiving Holiday?


xo, Trisha



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