LA Living: Hollywood Bowl + Solange Concert Recap

So I saw Solange at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday night and she was absolutely, positively amazing! I actually saw the tickets on sale a while ago but I didn’t know anyone who wanted to go with me so I passed on the opportunity. Going to the Hollywood Bowl has been on my LA bucket list for a while and after her show sold out, I was regretting not purchasing a ticket when I had the chance. Thankfully, my friend offered to sell me a last minute ticket since someone in her group wasn’t able to go (thanks Ije!) I immediately jumped at the offer and I don’t regret that impulsive decision one bit. Today I’m sharing a bit about the Hollywood Bowl and why I think it’s a must see LA attraction and I’m also recapping the Solange concert and why it was such a powerful experience for me!



So for those of you unfamiliar with LA, the Hollywood Bowl is an outdoor amphitheater style venue located in Hollywood. What I love about it is that you can bring food and drinks to events (however check the rules for your specific show because some don’t allow outside alcohol while others do). There is food and alcohol available when you get inside, but it is pricey so take advantage of the fact that you can pack something from home.

Overall I had an amazing experience and I loved the venue. My friends and I didn’t bring any food or drinks but next time I go to the Hollywood Bowl, I definitely will pack a little snack. Something to keep in mind is that the seats vary depending on the location and price. Depending on where you sit, it may be picnic bench style so you may end up sitting super close to people you don’t know. If that doesn’t sound like something you’d enjoy, then consider paying for a higher priced ticket. Personally, I found that it got chilly at night so the body heat was very much appreciated, even if it was coming from strangers.

If you’re looking for something chill to do on a summer evening, Hollywood Bowl is perfect for a date night or a girls night out. In addition to the artists that come to perform, the LA Philharmonic plays there quite a bit as well. I don’t care for classical music too much but I think it would be so fun to chill under the stars with a yummy picnic and a bottle of wine that you brought from home while listening to some soothing classical music.

One downside to this venue, is that because it’s outdoors, there is a lot of smoking going on (at least there was at this concert). So depending on the direction of the wind, you may get smacked in the face by a puff of smoke. The other downside is that the parking lots are “stacked”, meaning that you are literally locked in  a lot and have to wait for the cars around you to get out before you can get out. Basically it’s a hot mess and traffic sucks. Thankfully, my friend lived close enough for us to walk home and avoid Uber surges on the way out, but even heading to the venue was a bit of a struggle so consider all of your transportation options when you go.




First of all I will admit, that I actually never grew up a Solange lover. In fact, I always felt bad for her and saw her as living in Beyoncé’s shadow. Remember this album?? I dunno about you, but I thought it was a flop, especially compared to her sister’s debut album. I always felt like everyone ragged on Michelle (one of the Destiny’s Child members alongside Beyoncé and Kelly) with #poorMichelle but at least she was in the group! To me, Solange was on the outskirts of Beyoncé’s career and I never paid her any mind. When Instagram took off, I started noticing Solange more and realized that she had actually built a career and a following for herself outside of her sister. I enjoyed her work and music but truthfully, I didn’t really pay attention until A Seat at the Table came out.

Anyways, back to the concert… it was AMAZING. First of all, this concert felt like a spiritual event. I’m not sure why, but I seriously felt the lyrics deep down in my soul… like even more than when I’m blaring them through my bluetooth speakers at home. I’m not sure if it was the loudness or the fact that I was surrounded by so much melanin and #blackgirlmagic. Either way, I was living for all of it during the show and thoroughly enjoyed just soaking in the music and the vibes all around me.

Yes, a lot of Solange’s lyrics light a fire in my soul but I think part of the “spiritual” aspect was for me, was seeing a woman who I used to see as Queen Bey’s little sis come into her own. Throughout the whole performance, I couldn’t believe that I had slept on her talent for so long. And then I remembered that she wasn’t always this way. 2002 Solo Star Solange is not the same as today’s A Seat at the Table Solange. She has evolved as an entertainer, an artist, and a singer, and I’m sure she’s evolved as a person as well.

Maybe I’m too deep, or I get in my feelings too much. But seeing Solange on stage made me realize how much she has grown to be the person she was on stage on Sunday night. As someone who’s experienced so many life transitions in the past few months (i.e. deaths, loss of friendships, uncertainty about the future), seeing this woman go from being “Beyonce’s sister” to Solange Knowles who sells out the Hollywood Bowl was so empowering for me.

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Friends & I at the concert!

I loved every second of seeing Solange perform. I also liked the band right before her, Blood Orange. Despite the traffic and the chilly nighttime breeze I loved my first experience at the Hollywood Bowl and I can’t wait to go again!

xo, Trisha


P.S. Here’s the calendar for the rest of the 2017 season… anyone in LA trying to see Chance the Rapper with me next week?!


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