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Areal Brunch 3

Being in LA affords me the opportunity to do a lot of cool things that you can’t really do elsewhere such as certain cultural events, performances, TV show tapings and a bunch of other stuff. I’ve been trying to take the time to enjoy LA more and I want to start sharing some of the cool things the city has to offer. Currently I’m day four into studying for boards but I still can’t help but reminisce on all the fun I had this past weekend. One of the highlights was going to Areal which is a restaurant in LA, specifically in the Santa Monica/ Venice area. It’s also walking distance from Venice Beach so it was nice to stop by the beach after my meal. Areal has a great brunch selection and the prices are in line with other restaurants that I’ve tried in LA. If you’re ever in town you should definitely try it, especially on a Sunday. They have an outdoor seating area and a bottomless mimosa option that you can add on to your meal for $15, which I highly recommend!

Areal Brunch 4

Areal Brunch 2

Our Meal: I had the eggs benedict and my friend had the crispy chicken sandwich. Also notice the mimosas. We both paid $15 extra for the bottomless drink option and our glasses were never empty! $15 may seem pretty steep, especially coming from NY where bottomless brunch options can get as low as $20-$25 per person including food and drink. But for LA I found this to be decently priced. It was definitely a delicious and flavorful meal, and I’m planning on coming back again.

Areal Brunch 8

Our plates after… we definitely were satisfied with our meal. Notice the mimosas… still not empty hehe!

Areal Brunch 9

My friend ordered the creme brûlée which I wasn’t a big fan off. It was good but just a little too sweet for my palette.

Areal Brunch 5

Venice Beach has these cute little alleyways lined with cute bungalows and flowers. If you love to take pictures, then these little neighborhoods are definitely a great natural backdrop. I also recommend visiting the canals but we didn’t get a chance to go this time.

Areal Brunch 6

I love this neighborhood. I seriously wish I waited to become more familiar with LA before I moved off campus. I moved last year in the middle of my first year but I didn’t know much about LA during that time. There’s so many different communities and neighborhoods that I’ve fallen in love with and would have loved to live in and Venice is definitely one of them.

Areal Brunch 7

I was insistent on bike riding along the bike trail on the beach. Its $8 an hour. They also have tandem bikes, segways, adult tricycles and other options as well if you’re into it.

 I loved Venice. I’ve been there before, but this time I got to see a side of it that I usually don’t see. It’s really artsy and quirky and opposite of my usual preferences but it has so much character and personality. I’ll definitely be back!

-xo, Trisha

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