Keeping Your Blessings

keeping your blessings

Think about the things that you value the most and think of all that you’ve done to acquire them. Maybe it was a little hard work, or perhaps you knew the right people, or maybe you were simply in the right place at the right time. What are your blessings and how did you get them? For me, my blessings exist in every aspect of my life. Life in itself is a blessing, along with my education, the fact that I’m in medical school, my family and friends, different opportunities that have been extended to me, plus many more. I worked hard for these beautiful things in my life. Many times, I sacrificed a lot to have them. But most importantly, I prayed fervently for them.


I remember when I wanted to get into medical school. I would have given up my first born child in exchange for an acceptance letter if I needed to. I’m also pretty sure getting into medical school was my one and only prayer, every day from the moment I submitted my application until I got in. When I received my first acceptance letter, I felt like I hit the jackpot and when multiple acceptances were rolling in, I was beside myself. I nearly fell out at work when I found at that I got into my first choice school (which is where I am now).

Let’s take a quick detour for a second, shall we? When you get something expensive what do you do with it? I don’t know about you but I baby my stuff like no other. I have shoes from college that still look brand new because when I wear them, I take every precaution to keep them in their best shape possible. My best friend refuses to take tags and plastic off her new items until she absolutely has to. There’s been many times where I forced her to rip off the clear plastic on her things because she would use them for weeks without taking it off. But when I think about it, she wasn’t doing anything wrong. She was simply protecting something that was valuable to her. After we’ve put in the work and sacrifice to acquire our nice things isn’t it logical to protect them? An iphone can cost you around $700 nowadays, so you probably should use an extra $20 for a case to protect that investment. What about for the non-tangible investments… are we protecting those as well? Just because it’s not something that you can physically drop, shatter, scratch or break, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need protection too. What’s the best protection you may ask? Well for me that’s prayer. I saw this quote on instagram and it resonated deeply with me:


“I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now.”


I thought about all the blessings I’ve received, all the different experiences, people, and opportunities I’ve invested in. I worked for those things. I prayed to get those things. But when I finally got them, I let them fall to the bottom of my prayer list and moved on to praying for other things. Don’t get me wrong, I still appreciated them, but I didn’t protect them. Take my medical school acceptances for example. I prayed to get in but other than the occasional prayer before an exam, I really don’t pray much about it. In hindsight that’s so silly because there is still so much I can and should be praying for in regards to my medical education.


Like I said before, we get new iPhones and rush to put a case on it. We make sure our valuables are insured. We protect our assets and blessings. But we have to remember to protect the intangible assets too. We need to protect our friendships, protect our jobs, our opportunities etc. If you pray to get a boyfriend, don’t forget to pray for him after you start dating. You finally got a new job, well you better pray for some easy going coworkers, opportunities to shine, and a good boss/ supervisor.


Here’s the thing though, with prayer I’m not saying that bad things won’t happen. You can still crack an iPhone screen with a case on it, just like you can still get fired from a job that you pray about regularly. But think of how much more damage could have happened if the case wasn’t on it. God doesn’t promise us that he will give us everything we ask for (in fact if he doesn’t, it’s because he has better things in store for us). But it doesn’t mean he won’t soften the blow and lighten the load when we do have the occasional scratch or bump in the road.


Next time you pray for something and you get it, don’t forget to say thank you for that blessing. But most importantly, don’t forget to keep praying! Receiving the blessings isn’t always the hard part. Sometimes¬† maintaining them and ensuring that they last as long as possible is the trickiest part. What blessings have you received recently? Have you taken the time to say thank you for the good things that have come your way? More importantly, have you taken the time to pray for these things?


xo, Trisha



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