Where I’ve Been: Flu, Moving, Surgery Rotation, New Business + More

I have planned out this post in my head for over a week now, but every time I bring myself to write, I don’t have the energy to type anything. If you’re a regular reader, then you’d know that on Sunday’s I do a weekly recap called Life Lately, where I get a bit more personal and recap my week. I share my medical school experiences, places I’ve explored in LA, things I’ve purchased recently, what I’ve read, etc. This week, I’m doing things a bit differently and I’ll be explaining where I’ve been and what I’m working on. I know I don’t owe anyone anything, but I hate inconsistency and after committing to posting regularly, I feel like I should give somewhat of an explanation.


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PERSONAL LIFE: So the past several week have been pretty busy in my personal life. My life commitments have run me down to the ground. Yesterday was the first night that I got more than 5 hours of sleep in forever and today I caught up on my sleep deficit with a nice, long mid day NAP. I’ve been so exhausted from a lack of sleep that I just never had enough energy to blog or shoot for the blog. After getting the flu I got behind on my academic work and it has been a battle between staying up late to catch up on the things I got behind on and still finding time for myself.

In addition to getting sick, I also moved. It was a tumultuous moving process, but I finally left my space and I will be here until I start the MBA portion of my MD/MBA journey in August. Why did I move to a new place if I’m going to be here temporarily? Honestly, the driving factor was finances. I loved my old studio apartment but the cost was going up and I couldn’t justify it anymore. When I found my former apartment I was so excited to live in such a “pretty” building with so many amenities. After living there for a while, the rent went up and I realized that I was hating how much I was spending on rent. Could I have afforded to continue living there, absolutely. But morally, I felt like I needed to downgrade and actually live like a student. Because most of my budget went to rent, I wanted to free up some $$ for savings and other things like shopping, entertainment, eating out etc. I realized I valued experiences more than “a pretty place” and it feels good to now live in an affordable place, have savings, and have money to frolic and play.

Honestly, I knew I wanted to move but I delayed it for so long because I was scared that I wouldn’t find something as good as my old apartment. Isn’t that crazy? I finally got some sense and realized that God has more in store for me than an extra large studio apartment. I can’t wait until I am decorating my own 2 bedroom loft apartment (speaking it into existence) and laughing from my home office because I thought my studio was the best place I could ever life. Anyways, because of the move, you’ll see a decrease in the amount of decor posts (there’s no point in buying decor for a temporary housing situation) but you can always check out my decor & DIY archives such as my gallery wall post or how I used IKEA shelves to create a divider in my studio or how I created an organized entryway. 


BUSINESS LIFE: I’ve mentioned it briefly before, but I am starting an online business. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be “the face” of it and was thinking of creating an anonymous brand. Ultimately, I decided that it didn’t need to be a secret. You’ll start seeing some more details about this brand soon (probably by the end of February). I’m doing everything myself (pray for my sanity, please). But despite the hard work I’m actually loving every step of this. I’ve always been a creative type of person and this brand is a true reflection of my creative talents and my personality. It’s definitely not for everyone (actually some feedback I’ve gotten is to make it more inclusive) but I’m excited to share it with everyone regardless.

Also, shameless plug, but I also do lifestyle photography (portraits, engagement shoots, blogger photos). Use the “Contact” tab above if you want to book me for your next shoot and I can send you my portfolio along with my rates.

In addition to starting my own ventures, I recently went to an inspirational health tech event. I got the opportunity to meet female physicians who are working in non-clinical areas of healthcare and it was so motivational. Don’t get me wrong, I like patients and I enjoy clinical aspects of medicine but I already know that I want to do more. Connecting with like-minded female physicians who are already living my dreams (working for major companies in healthcare, creating their own companies, designing new products, etc) gave me the extra push I needed to start blazing my own trail in the health/ business world.


MED SCHOOL LIFE: Honestly, the biggest contributor to me being MIA is my surgery rotation. This rotation has literally pushed me to my limits. The rotation isn’t hard. Academically I’m doing fine (although I haven’t mastered all the required info for my exam next week) but I am emotionally and physically drained. The emotional burnout is from having to be “on” 6 days a week. On rotations, you’re always getting evaluated and as an extroverted introvert, it’s draining to have to be with others and get evaluated the whole time for 12+ hours a day. I wake up at 4, get to the hospital by 5:00am and I usually don’t leave until around 6/7ish depending on the day. When it’s an OR day, I am standing on my feet all day assisting in surgeries. I only have 1.5 weeks of this rotation left which includes 3 more OR days, 2 trauma call days (where I sleep overnight in the hospital and have a 28 hour shift), and 2 more clinic days and then I’m FREE! I’ve enjoyed surgery and all that it’s taught me but after 14 weeks (12 weeks + 2 weeks of winter break), I’m ready to move on. Next up is OB/GYN which will have some OR time as well, but I’m simply excited for change (and hopefully more weekends).

Anyways, I have some fun things lined up for you guys. A bunch of posts are sitting in my drafts that I’m ready to publish this week (thanks to the flu, you never saw them). But anyways, thank you so much for rocking with me despite the hiatus. Most of you are students or working professionals so you understand the struggle hustle. I’m looking forward to creating fun content with you guys! I have a lot of exciting posts and partnerships coming soon!


xo, Trisha


P.S. If you’re a blogger in Los Angeles let me know if you’re interested in doing a photo exchange. I’m looking to exchange photography  (I shoot your pictures and you shoot mine) with someone on a weekly or biweekly basis. I’ve done this in the past with other bloggers for one-off projects, but this time I’m looking to partner with someone who needs regular photography content and has time to meet up and shoot photos regularly. It’s okay if you don’t have photography experience, I’m willing to teach anyone who’s willing to learn and you’re welcome to use my equipment and lenses if you don’t have your own. Shoot me an email if you’re interested! 




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