How To Do a Twist Out

how to do a twist out, trisha therese, three thousand miles blog

Want to learn how I achieved THIS amazing twist out?? Keep reading below to learn how!

how to do a twist out


how to do a twist out


how to do a twist out


how to do a twist out


how to do a twist out


how to do a twist out

So, for the first time EVER I figured out how to do a twist out. I’ve been natural for a while so it’s kind of embarrassing how the only thing I could do was a wash and go and puff for almost 3 years. Typically, I do wash and goes every 3-7 days (depends on how lazy I am) and wear it in a high puff when it starts to frizz. A few posts back, I mentioned how I went on a cruise and spent two weeks in the Caribbean and Florida. The trip was amazing and I had so much fun BUT all that sun and salt water wrecked havoc on my hair. Ultimately, I ended up giving myself a much needed trim and cut off 1-1.5 inches in some spots #oops. After the trim, I tried my usual wash and go but the shrinkage is SO real so decided that I wanted to finally master a few stretched styles including a twist out as I wait for my hair to get long again.

In attempts to master a twist out, I tried so many combinations of hair products in my hair product arsenal (I have WAY too many). In fact the photos from this blog post were after a failed twist out, but thankfully I was able to salvage it to get my blog pictures done. The other day, I was randomly playing in my hair out of boredom and decided to try a new combination of products. I used my favorite moisturizer and my favorite oil and paired that with a gel I rarely ever use and I was blown away. Here’s how I did it:

how to do a twist out

From left to right:
1. Eco Styler Gel (olive oil)
2.Etae Camelux Hair Gloss
3. Mielle Organics Avocado Moisturizing Avocado Hair Milk
4.Creme of Nature Strength and Shine Leave in Conditioner (argan oil line)

And here are the EXACT STEPS I used to achieve this PERFECT TWIST OUT! I realized that it was  the gel as well as how I twisted my ends that made the biggest difference!

STEP 1: Use Leave In

I started with old dry hair from a previously failed twist out. If you’re starting with freshly washed hair, let most of it dry before you start. The wetter the hair, the more shrinkage you’ll get. Spray just enough to make your hair slightly damp but not wet. I also finger detangle in this step since my Creme of Nature Leave In softens my hair.

how to do a twist out

Step 2: Moisturize & Detangle

I use the one pictured below. I LOVE this moisturizer so so so much. It’s creamy and leaves my hair super soft. It is very similar to the Camille Rose Naturals Macadamia Love Moisturizer but because of my tree nut allergy I can’t use the CRN one anymore. The Mielle Organics is a great alternative and truthfully, I like it a lot better. I’ve always heard that avocado oil was great for the hair but I never tried any products with it before this. This product really makes me want to try avocado masks and avocado oil to seal as well.

how to do a twist out

Step 3: Seal

I love this oil by Etae. It is my absolute favorite. Personally, I prefer all natural oils to silicone alternatives. I find that my hair has the best shine and maximum softness with natural oils. This oil is an olive oil plus a blend of other herbal oils. It cost me $15 so you can likely save by mixing oils on your own, but I’m no mixologist so I’ll repurchase this again. One thing I love about this oil is that it is very light and doesn’t weigh down my hair, even when its straight.

Step 5: Apply Gel/ Styler

I rarely use Eco Styler Gel. It works well for my wash and go’s but I typically use  Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker for those. I don’t know what possessed me to pick up my jar of Eco Styler but I’m so glad I did. After my hair is moisturized, oiled and detangled, I work in small sections and apply a little dollop of gel throughout the section from root to tip before I make a twist. No need to over saturate your hair, just make sure that every strand is coated.

how to do a twist out

Step 6: Twist

Like I mentioned before, I like to work in small sections and apply my gel right before I twist each section. When you twist your hair, make sure you’re starting at the root and that it’s tight at the base. If you start with a loose twist you’re going to lose definition and have puffiness at the roots. If needed you can start off with a braid to “catch the roots” and then switch to a twist for the length of the hair. I do this on my shorter sections that unravel easily. When you are about 1/2-1/4 of an inch from the tips of your hair, just twirl the end around your fingers. If needed you can add a little bit of gel to your fingers while you twirl. This ensures that when you take down your twists, you don’t have to pick at the ends to unravel them and cause frizz. I thought that my hair was going to unravel but it didn’t. Doing my ends this way made the biggest difference in the outcome of my twist outs.

how to do a twist out

Step 7: Untwist

Before you take down your hair make sure your hair is FULLY dry. I like to rub a little oil in the palms of my hands before I untwist to reduce frizz. Remember how I told you not to twist all the way down, and “twirl” the ends of your hair around your finger instead? This is where that trick saves you! I like to grab the middle of a twist and simply pull the two halves of the twists apart. Because you didn’t twist all the way down the bottom half should untwist easily with a slight pull. After the bottom half is untwisted, I carefully separate the two halves of the twist until I reach the root. I try not to separate the twists any further until all the twists are untwisted. Below I included a picture of my hair once I untwisted all the twists. Notice how each twist is shiny, soft, and defined? There’s no frizz because I took my time and I didn’t separate the twists more than their two halves.

how to do a twist out

Step 7: Fluff & Go

From there, I start to separate my hair no more than 2 times per section. The more you separate the more frizz you’ll get. I shake my hair out and use my pick to fluff out my roots for fullness.

how to do a twist out, trisha therese, three thousand miles blog



And there you have it… the easiest way to learn how to do a twist out. I hope this helps you on your journey to achieving healthy natural hair. Let me know in the comments below how this method works for you!

xo, Trisha

P.S. I recently got Photoshop and had WAY too much fun playing with colors and backgrounds. Please excuse any rough spots in my photos as I’m only a beginner! I promise to get better from here though!

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  1. February 1, 2017 / 10:01 am

    I love your hair! Great tutorial, thanks for sharing. I’m finally letting my very short hair grow so, this was helpful!

    Edwige |

    • February 1, 2017 / 2:39 pm

      Thanks so much Edwige! I’m growing mine out again too, so I’ve really been trying to master some cute short haired styles!

  2. February 3, 2017 / 5:50 pm

    Your hair came out super cute!! And I love your pics btw. I’m also mostly a wash ‘n go girl with a few twist outs here and there.

    • February 4, 2017 / 3:56 am

      Thanks so much LaShon! I was a wash and go girl myself, but since I’ve cut my hair I wanted to try something new! My next venture is likely going to be flexi rods!

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