Holiday Gift Guides + Happy Thanksgiving!


holiday gift guide

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!


Regardless of what your holiday plans are looking like I hope you have a day filled with abundance and gratitude and love.


I’ve been seeing a bunch of bloggers post gift guides for tips on where to shop for holiday gifts. I saw these floating around too and ALMOST jumped on the bandwagon. But in reality, aside from my boyfriend and parents I really don’t exchange gifts with many people. I’m an only child and don’t have any siblings. I have a few friends that do a gift exchange each year but that’s pretty much it.


Instead of faking the funk and hopping on the latest blog trend I decided to ditch the gift guide this year. HOWEVER I did want to share with you a great tip for holiday shopping. You ready? GO TO TJ MAXX. Seriously though, like you actually should have gone last week. They put out their “holiday” items shortly after Halloween. It’s the greatest place to find stocking stuffers, cute small trinkets, candles, frames, monogrammed pieces, etc. You can seriously find everything. One year I got my friend cute fox fur Michael Kors earmuffs for less than $20!


Don’t get me wrong I love browsing through the blogger gift guides but they’re not always practical or budget friendly for a grad student. So if you don’t feel like ordering items sporadically from a bunch of sites, paying for shipping, or burning a hole in your wallet then I would give your local TJ Maxx/ Marshalls a quick look. Just be sure to go early because the good stuff goes fast!


I hope your Thanksgiving is great and for those of you who are braving the sales, I pray that you have the best of luck in snagging the best deals.


xo, Trisha


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