Hiking in LA | The Culver City Stairs

It seems that I’ve been spending a lot of time in Culver City recently. Last week I was there for an amazing brunch at The Culver Hotel and this week I returned for a hike at The Culver City Stairs (aka Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook).

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When my friend invited me for a hike, she gave me a few options to choose from. I chose The Culver City Stairs because I thought it would be the easiest but after actually doing them, this may have been one of the harder options.

For the record, this is a GREAT workout for those of you who want to get your legs and booty in tip-top shape. If you do the stairs 2-3 times per visit and try to come at least 2x per week I am sure you’d see some results.

I think what makes the steps hard is 1) there’s people behind you, so you can’t just come to a sudden stop to catch your breath and 2) The steps are pretty high so I had to do lunges on certain parts of the trail. There are rest areas along the climb, so you will have opportunities to break and rest your legs at the various plateaus on the way up. I tried not to rest too long so my heart rate could stay up, and that definitely made it more challenging

If stairs aren’t your thing, there’s also a path that winds around the mountain (is it a mountain? I’m not sure) to the peak. It’s still pretty steep but I don’t think it’s as hard as the stairs.

So would I do it again? Honestly, probably not. It’s not that I didn’t get a great workout (I was so sore afterwards), its just that I don’t care for nature or hiking that much. It was hot, and dusty, and there were bugs aka this is not my thing. I’d rather just go to the gym for a traditional workout or a bootcamp class or something.

However, I will say that if you’re new to LA or visiting, you should give them a try! The views at the top are pretty great too. Plus its FREE!

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Here’s some tips if you want to try the stairs for yourself:
1) Bring water

2) Don’t forget sunscreen

3) Bring a hat or sunglasses because there’s minimal shade and you don’t want to be squinting the whole time

4) Parking can be hard to find but I found tons of parking on the side streets off of Jefferson

5) At the peak it’s pretty flat and a bunch of people were doing sit ups, push ups, jump rope, and other workouts. One guy even brought this lightweight collapsible workout machine. If you want a real challenge, use the stairs as your cardio and then get a quick body weight workout in at the top.

6) Come early to avoid crowds and the hot blazing sun. They’re open from 8am-5pm everyday. I left around 10am and it was much more crowded than when I arrived earlier in the morning.

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Culver City Stairs/ Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook
6300 Hetzler Rd, Culver City, CA 90232

What other hikes have you done in LA? I think I’m all hiked out for now, but I’d love to know if there’s a few I should consider adding to my LA Bucket List. Let me know in the comments below!

xo, Trisha


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