Hello Fall

Happy Fall everyone! While its convenient to use season changes as periods of starting fresh, sometimes life and it’s circumstances don’t really give us the opportunity to reset.

With that being said, regardless of what you have going on, the next few months can still be a period of renewal and crossing off your goals. Here are some ways I plan on maximizing my time and productivity as we say goodbye to 2016:

1) Reprioritizing my goals

At the beginning of the year I made a list of resolutions and things I wanted to accomplish. Some of these things I haven’t started and others, I’ve already crossed off my list. Notice how I didn’t say rewriting my goals. The point isn’t to make myself feel bad over the things I haven’t done. But instead, I want to refocus and reprioritize. Why didn’t I accomplish everything? Is that revolution still relevant/ needed for my life or was I just being lazy and didn’t want to put in the work needed. Whatever the reason may be, think about all that you wanted to do for 2016 and reprioritize the items you have left. The goal isn’t to necessarily finish by the end of the year (sometimes projects take a long time) but instead, it’s to hit the ground running and start making a dent in all that you want to do.

2) Improving productivity

2016 has not been the most efficient year for me. But even if your life runs as smoothly as a well oiled machine, there’s always room for improvement. I’m going to talk more about this in  a future post next week, but my major goal for the rest of the year is to simply just get shit done. I have so much to do, paperwork to fill out, things to study, applications to submit, plus more and at times it can get pretty overwhelming. No more excuses though. I just need to suck it up get to work. Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming blog post on this.

3) Spending more me time

I live alone so technically all of the time is “me time” but I’m looking forward to soaking in the last few months of 2016 by spending extra time with myself. Of course I’ll make time for friends and family too. A bunch of friends are getting engaged and married and I realized how quickly my opportunities to be alone are going away (can you tell I’m an only child lol). My goal is to be selfish with my time and do what I love most because I know that I won’t always have the freedom to do so down the line in the future.


In honor of fall and “me time”, I spent some time at a park the other day. It was an impromptu visit to breathe fresh air, enjoy my Starbucks outdoors, and watch the kids and dogs run around. I grew up playing in the woods in back of my house and every once in a while I like to head to nature (insect and animal free please) to find some peace.


fall trisha


coach bag

My Legacy WIllis needs to be sent for a leather spa day. But I kind of like the scratches. This bag has been extra loved and used by me and has so much more personality from it’s imperfections!


fall trisha



romper: Forever 21 (old in my closet) /// vest: Levi’s /// flats: Sam Edelman /// necklace: Dana Rebecca (dupe for less than $15) /// aviators: unmarked brand from Ross (only $5!!) /// bag: Coach Legacy Leather Willis Bag (legacy & classic collection bags are currently unavailable but you can find pre-loved & vintage ones online!) /// nails: Essie Gel Couture Take Me to the Thread /// headband: Forever 21


face: Smashbox Photofinish Primer (to keep shine at bay) but other than that I’m au natural /// hair: 4 day old wash & go (my usual) using Camille Rose Curl Maker & Fresh Curl Hair Smoother

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How did you spend the first day of fall? I love this day because it means that there’s just about a month until my birthday. I’m turning 25 and still have no idea what I want to do. Birthday celebration suggestions are warmly welcomed!

xo, Trisha


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