Happy Birthday to Me!

So I seriously failed on my everyday blogging. If you’re new around here, I started #25for25 as 25 daily posts leading up to my 25th birthday. I didn’t make it a week before I stopped. I was surprised when I heard from others that they were sad I didn’t continue. I hate letting people down. But truthfully I wasn’t really feeling my blog. Like I mentioned earlier this week in my last post, I really fell out of love with this site. I felt like I was just putting out content to put out content and I didn’t really like what I was writing about. I took a hiatus to refocus, reorganize my thoughts, remember why I started blogging in the first place and to truly decide what I wanted to write about. Anyways with that being said, I don’t want to give a list of excuses and at the end of the day I’m genuinely sorry for promising something and not following through. I hope you all forgive me and I also hope that I haven’t lost your trust as a reader.

Anyways, despite ending #25for25 I still wanted to share my birthday celebrations with you all. A friend and I ended up having a joint celebration at a club. I am not a club person what so ever, but one of my best friends told me that everyone needs to experience VIP service once in their life. So my friend and I decided to make a reservation at a club and get the ultimate VIP service for our 25th birthdays. We had our own section + a cake. Personally I just loved having a place to sit when my feet started to hurt. It was a fun time even though I typically don’t like clubs. I spent the night dancing with my girl friends who traveled from near and far to celebrate with me. I don’t like clubs because I feel like I have a magnet that attracts the sleaziest most basic guys. But having your own section really helps. My friends and I had so much fun and were unbothered by the rest of the clubgoers.

The day of my actual birthday was pretty calm. I had work/ studying to do (#medschoollife) and then I went to dinner later that night to get Mexican food (aka my favorite!). Overall it was a pretty great day. I received tons of love and very generous and thoughtful gifts and I’m thankful for another year of life and being reminded of how much I am truly loved and supported. Below you can find a couple photos from the celebration! Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to found out how I scored this $220 dress for only $30!!


The Birthday Girls after blowing out our candles!





Candid birthday happiness



Birthday Outfit Details:

Dress: Dress the Population Lola Dress (buy it here, rent it here) // Shoes: Guess (originally from Burlington Coat Factory but affordable similar options here & here) // Chain clutch: No Brand from Amazon (they have SO MANY COLORS and its <$20… I’m definitely getting a neutral color as well) // Hair: 2 day old wash and go (2nd day hair is the best!) using Cantu Coconut Curling Cream & Eco Styler Gel (this is a drying combination but perfect for events/ times when you need more hold/ definition)

How I snagged my dress for the lowest price:

Okay so the Dress the Population Lola Dress is so beautiful! I NEVER WEAR WHITE but I couldn’t resist getting this one. So here’s how I snagged it for only $30 instead of it’s usual $50 (retails for $220). I rented the dress from Rent the Runway (I will be writing a review on this service so check back soon for a review). If you aren’t familiar, Rent the Runway is a dress rental service where you can rent designer dresses for a fraction of the cost. There are a ton of rentals that are $50 or less BUT ultra high-end designers cost a bit more. I knew I wanted a dress with a big WOW FACTOR but I also knew I would likely never wear it again so it didn’t matter to me that it was a rental. Rent the Runway charges an additional $15 which includes shipping and dress insurance. HOWEVER if you sign up for Rent the Runway Pro ($30) you get unlimited free shipping and free insurance for a year (basically the cost of shipping+insurance for 2 dresses). Another plus of RTR PRO is that you get a FREE BIRTHDAY DRESS (as long as its less than $50 or you get a discount if the dress is more than $50). This Dress the Population dress was $50 to rent plus $15 for shipping and insurance aka $65 total. After realizing that RTR Pro gives you a free birthday dress, I decided to subscribe and pay $30 for RTR pro which then allowed me to get my birthday dress for FREE. Plus now if I ever rent again my insurance and shipping is FREE99. And even if I don’t end up renting again this dress still costed me a total of $30 instead of $65.

I will be doing a further review of Rent the Runway in a later post but I wanted to throw out this birthday dress hack in case someone was in need of a birthday dress sometime soon!

Anyways thank you for reading, and thank you for all the birthday wishes I received! I’m blessed to have another year to do what I love while being surrounded by those that I love!

xo, Trisha

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