Favorite Birthday Cake Recipe!

I absolutely love me a good birthday cake. In honor of my 25th birthday coming up, I wanted to share my favorite cake recipe in case you wanted to try it. 9 times out of 10,  I bake my cakes from scratch. Every once in a while I’ll make a Pilsbury Funfetti Cake with Vanilla Frosting from the box but usually I prefer homemade recipes.

My favorite cake recipe is a pretty simple one and it’s found on the box of cake flour so it’s super easy to remember. This is also called a 3-2-1 recipe and there’s a bunch of variations online if you google it. Personally I prefer the recipe on the box of Swans Down cake flour. The only deviation is that I don’t always add as much sugar and sometimes I replace the almond extract with extra vanilla extract, or I skip the almond extract all together. Truthfully it depends on my mood.

For a topping I almost always make a caramel glaze. I don’t follow a specific recipe. I usually eyeball this but I add about 1/2-1 stick of butter, a teaspoon of water, and then slowly add sugar. Make sure you keep the heat on low/medium and stir regularly until you get a syrupy texture. For a thicker glaze let the glaze cool for a minute or two. For a more heavy and sweet caramel, I use brown sugar (dark or light… depends what I have on hand) but for a lighter & more buttery glaze, I use confectioners sugar. Personally I prefer the confectioner sugar glaze because it’s not as heavy and sweet as a traditional caramel glaze. I call it my “butter sauce” since it’s more butter than sugar but a light syrupy butter. I know… totally not healthy but I promise it tastes heavenly.

When the cake is done, I poke small holes in the top and sides with a toothpick, and then I pour my glaze on top. The holes allow the glaze to seep into the cake and make it extra moist and sweet inside. Sometimes I sift some confectioners sugar on top for decoration. Other times, I skip the glaze all together and I only sift some confectioners sugar on top for some light sweetness.

And that’s it, my favorite birthday cake! You can serve with whipped cream and fresh fruit, ice cream, chocolate icing or whatever you want. I like my cakes simple so powdered sugar or my butter glaze are usually my go to.

butter cake with sugar and glaze

butter cake with powdered sugar

butter cake with fruit

What is your favorite type of birthday cake? If you end up trying this recipe then let me know in the comments down below!

-xo, Trisha


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