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The other day on Instagram I posted these two photos to my Instagram stories and I got so much positive feedback and many requests to make a post on how I created my gallery wall (please excuse the grainy instagram quality!). Today I’m sharing how I decorated my study space and how I created my DIY gallery wall.

Here’s the photos I shared on instagram last week:

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For the record, the actual “before” picture is misleading because instead of the pink chair, I had an ugly wooden chair I found in the “as is” section of IKEA for $20. It was cheap and supposed to be temporary but it’s followed me from my old apartment and lasted almost 2 years.

In case you’re wondering, here’s a picture of my old study space set up from my old apartment:
DIY gallery wall, three thousand miles blog-1-3(Once again please excuse the grainy instagram quality… this is the only copy I have)

When I moved into my new studio last year, I got rid of my desk and my “office” supplies.  As I mentioned before in this post, I usually study in bed. As a result I originally thought that having a desk in my studio would take up space and make my apartment look cluttered. However, without a desk, I ended up working on the kitchen table when my bed got too comfy (aka I started falling asleep). This set up worked for a while, but I hated having my dining table get cluttered with books and papers. I ultimately got rid of the dining table because it was ugly and too bulky for my space and opted to get a desk again.

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So this whole project started with my new pink velvet desk chair. If you follow me on twitter, you have probably seen my tweets about me searching for a pink couch. I am obsessed with soft shades of pink and I wanted a velvet couch for my living room space. Actually I wanted this exact one or this one from Anthropologie but I wasn’t about to drop almost $3000 on a pink couch.

Last week I randomly stumbled upon HomeGoods and decided to peek inside. I have been searching for the perfect desk chair and have been to every Ross, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls in the area but nothing felt right. When I was at HomeGoods the other day, I saw my chair down the aisle and I knew it was the one. The only issue is it has silver legs (and everything in my apartment is gold) but I made it work.

I knew that a pink couch was out of the question but when I saw exactly what I was looking for in a desk chair, I knew this was the universe’s way of compromising with me. For the record, getting this chair was a struggle. As soon as I reached it, other women in the store were trying to get it, but they were too late and this beautiful pink chair ended up coming home with me.

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On instagram I received a few DMs asking what brand and item number the chair is. Unfortunately, there was only an unlabeled Cynthia Rowley tag and a HomeGoods price tag on it. There are no item numbers to search. The store did have more chairs in other colors so it is possible that if you try a few HomeGoods near you, you may be able to find this exact same one as mine!

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The wall art is a collection of pieces I’ve collected from Target, HomeGoods, and Ross over the past year or two. I already had the  “home sweet home” print that I bought from Kate Spade a long time ago. I found the frame for really cheap from Joss and Main, which used to be one of my favorite home shopping websites.

The “be youtiful” canvas was a find from Ross and I bought it because the gray matches my gray living room rug and it ties in the whole gray, white, and gold theme I have going on throughout my apartment.

The palm tree canvas and the gold frame with 3 picture slots are both from HomeGoods. But I haven’t decided what 3 pictures I want to go in that frame yet.

And lastly, the spiky wall urchins are old from Target and the mirrored chevrons along with the marble dry erase board are recent Target purchases.

It was hard finding the right pieces, but I waited months before putting this wall together. Don’t buy stuff simply because you want to finish your project. I go to Ross and TJ Maxx and Target ALL THE TIME to browse their home section and see what’s new. This gives me an opportunity to think about each piece, wait for sales, and figure out if it will really work. I usually wait a couple of weeks before buying anything from Target. Sometimes for Ross and TJ Maxx you may have to buy first and think later (like with my pink chair) because a lot of times those items don’t restock.

At first I tried to match all the gold frames but it was WAY too hard. I decided that mixing metals is more fun and I tried to do it in a way that they still “went together” without being too “matchy-matchy”.

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My desk accessories are VERY MINIMAL. I have one glass pen holder and one Rifle Paper Co notepad that I use for my weekly to do lists. Other than my laptop, nothing else sits on my desk. I HATE clutter, and I intentionally got a desk with no drawers or shelves to ensure that I couldn’t be a pack rat and store useless junk. My old desk had a large drawer that was always filled with junk no matter how often I cleaned it out. The minimal style of my new desk prevents me from storing anything other than the essentials, which I love.

My pen holder is from TJ Maxx. I originally saw a similar one at Target but I didn’t want to pay almost $20 for it. I stumbled upon an identical one at TJ Maxx for less than $10. My weekly to-do list was a splurge, but I love having it and I use it everyday. I keep it in the little shelf under my desk, and because my desk top is glass, I can easily glance down to see what’s on my to-do list for the day.

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This little study corner is an extension of my living room space and just behind the shelves, I have my bed aka my “bedroom”. If you want to learn more about how I use the IKEA Kallax shelves as a room divider then definitely check out this post. I explain everything here (but sorry in advance for the ugly pictures… I had horrible lighting and just an iphone during the early stages of my blog).

I got the bins from Big Lots because they have the cheapest storage containers. Inside, I hold my photography items, my tools and DIY materials, laundry detergent, photography lights, and mail. They used to be REALLY disorganized but a couple of weeks ago, I purged everything and cleaned and dusted every nook and cranny so now EVERYTHING has its spot and these shelves are so organized I could probably find what I’m looking for with my eyes closed.

I also organized all of my books on the shelves. Most are medical books for school but I have a bunch of journals, cookbooks, and regular books as well. I do have 3 book shelves I could use for books…. but I turned those into shoe storage in my closet instead #priorities. Right now the books look messy to me so I may find a way to hide them or move them all to the bottom shelf.

The spaces without storage cubes hold random decor that I have collected over the years from various stores… mostly TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, Ross, and Target (aka my usual spots). My favorite and most recent addition is the gray and marble box I got from Ross for less than $3. I use this box to hold my iPad and my most used photography items like chargers, cords, and external harddrives. The box actually has a rip, but it wasn’t big enough to notice or affect functionality. I love it because it matches the decor and allows me to keep my most used items within reach. Plus because of the rip I got an extra 15% off.

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I am absolutely IN LOVE with my little office space. I love how it blends seamlessly with my living area and there’s still a bit of privacy from my sleeping area. I probably WILL NOT add anything else to this space. I may swap out the tan bins for light gray ones at some point, and a small fuzzy white rug to go under my desk would be nice but those are NOT necessities. So unless I find a great deal, I probably won’t make those purchases any time soon.

My next project is going to be my living area. I want a new couch (I have an ugly beige/greenish one from my old apartment and I hated it since day 1) and I need a large wall canvas to go on my living area wall. However, I’m finding that large canvases are pretty pricey so I may get a large frame from IKEA (super cheap), spray paint it to match my spray painted DIY coffetable and bookshelf, and then put one of my photography prints in it. I just need to figure out what picture I want to use.

After that my next project will be reorganizing my closet (again).

As always, I will document everything here on the blog. These posts are my absolute favorite to write, shoot, and edit. I absolutely love home decor and I love making my space my own.

Curious to see what else I’ve done in my space? Check out the Decor+DIY tab above!

xo, Trisha

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