Best Shoes for the Hospital

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So I’m three months into my clinical rotations for medical school. A common question for rising 3rd year medical students (or any healthcare professional student entering their clinical) is WHAT SHOES SHOULD I WEAR? Depending on the rotation you are on your feet A LOT. For Internal Medicine, I was always on the go and rarely got a chance to sit down and have a breather. Being on my feet really affected my lower back and caused a lot of pain so it was important that I found comfortable shoes that gave me good foot and back support.¬†Today I’m sharing what I consider to be the best shoes for the hospital. For the record, these are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE shoes to wear in clinic and on the wards and I recommend them to everybody!

One day I randomly went shopping and stumbled upon a Crocs store. I knew they had a Crocs for Work line but never saw them in person. I decided to pop into the store and they just so happened to be having a sale… you know what that means! I was torn between the clogs and and the flats, but ultimately, I went with the flats because I thought they were more versatile and that I could get the most use from them. At the time there was a promotion and the second pair was discounted if you purchased more than one. If I had known that I would end up loving these so much, I would have gotten several pairs.

So these are the ones I got. I ranted and raved about them to my friend and she ended up getting this style instead. My friend literally has a broken spine (her vertebrae are fractured) and she stated that with these shoes she did not have as much back pain from being on her feet all day. If that’s not proof of the comfort and support from the Crocs for Work line then I don’t know what is.

Although I love these shoes, the one thing that I don’t like is that the Crocs for Work line doesn’t have various color options like their regular line. You can get shoes from their regular line if you’d like, however I found the Crocs For Work line to be a tad bit more comfortable AND they have no-slip bottoms. Hospital and clinic floors can get slippery so the no-slip was non-negotiable for me.

Anyways, I plan on getting the Crocs for Work clogs to wear with my scrubs since I’m starting Surgery in a month and will be living in scrubs in the OR. I can’t decide between this or this style, but honestly, I may get them both since I’ll be on surgery for 3 months and I’m sure I’ll need more than 1 pair of shoes. Which one do you prefer?



xo, Trisha


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