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I have a lot of opinions but when it comes to politics, I tend to keep them off the internet simply to avoid conflict/ drama. But truthfully, these past few days have been a bit unsettling for me. I’ve taken to consuming less social media because it’s been draining to see all that is going on in the world and in this country. Witnessing the ignorance and hate over the internet makes me anxious for the future and I started feeling like I couldn’t do anything about what’s going on around me. Thankfully, I was able to take a mini vacation this weekend and escape it all, but now that I’m back I felt that I needed to speak up. My blog is a space where I usually share frivolous things like fashion, grad school life, and other things mixed in. But as a future physician and community advocate, I couldn’t bring it upon myself to share another selfie or another trivial social media post until I shared this.

“The opposite of love is NOT hate, it’s indifference. –Elie Wiesel”

While it’s really easy to shut off all my media and live in my own world where I pretend nothing is happening around me, that’s not the reality for others right now. So what can we do to help? Here’s a list of some actionable steps we can take to have an impact:

  1. Register for Turbo Vote: I’m sure you’ve heard of Turbo Tax but Turbo Vote is a software that registers you to vote, sends reminders about upcoming elections, and helps you process your absentee ballot. If anything, this political season has taught me that I need to be more aware about ALL elections, not just the presidential ones.
  2. Contact your elected officials:  Click here to contact your Representatives and click here to contact your Senators. Also here are some tips, other resources, and some questions to get you started.
  3. Get Countable: I have seen this shared widely over my social media but haven’t looked into it until recently. Countable is an app where you can find summaries of what is going on in Congress and has tools to help you contact your reps as well. There are so many issues that are being decided on that I had no clue about. The topics range from healthcare, to education, immigration, science & technology, and more. This is an example of some of the issues in healthcare. As a medical student I am embarrassed to say I had no idea some of these bills were up for debate, but now that I know, I will be more proactive about staying informed.
  4. Join the Women’s March 10 actions for 100 days: The Women’s March organizers are asking others to take action every 10 days for 100 days. Click here to see the action list. There’s also a subscribe option where you can receive emails to find out about the next actions for the rest of the 100 days.

I hope this post was helpful for someone. Regardless of your political beliefs, I think it’s important that we all educate ourselves with what’s going and learn how to make our voices count. These were just a few ideas, but there are plenty more that I’m sure I missed. Share this post with your friends and leave more ideas that I may have left out in the comments below.


xo, Trisha



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