Hey everyone!

I know I’ve been a horrible blogger recently and the #1 question right now is probably:


So I have a few posts that I wrote & unfortunately I don’t even have the time to edit them.

Have no fear, I will be back soon, pinky promise!

However, I do have a quick update that I’d like to share with you! reached out to me and asked if they could do an interview and I’d love it if you take a look. You can check that out by clicking here!

What you can find in my interview:

  • Some of my personal hardships before applying to medical school
  • How I really feel about moving to LA
  • Why I chose to go into medicine
  • MCAT study tips
  • and MORE!!

If you’ve been following along my medical school journey (or if you’re considering applying to medical school soon) then I think that it’s definitely worth a read. I also talked about a few mistakes I made on my AMCAS and things I wish I did differently when I was a premed. I definitely get a bit more personal over there, so even if med school is not your thing, you can still learn a few things about me (p.s. I plan on doing an official get to know me/ behind the blog post soon). screenshot


To the new readers, I’m sorry you found me in the midst of a transition period!

I noticed I had a few referrals from, so to those of you who found me via my interview, welcome & I’m glad you’re here! Really quick intro but I’m a med student (duh, you knew that already) who recently moved to LA and this is where I share my life, my interests (home decor, fashion, life hacks), and my medical school experience (& occasional premed advice), along with little bursts of motivation, faith, and inspiration along the way. Check out my about me page to learn more about my blog and use the categories in the header above to guide you with navigating my posts.

Also, I may be busy but I’m not completely off the radar !

Even though I’m not writing as much for the next week or two, I am tweeting and instagraming away (140 characters + photos are easier to manage than a full blog post right now). Find me on Twitter & Instagram (by the way, I recently created a new Instagram for my blog so if you followed me before, please click the link to follow me again on my new account). I’m also available via email (check out my contact page to message me). I’ve received some awesome questions and a few are being made into blog posts (don’t worry I keep it anonymous unless you say otherwise), so keep the questions coming!

Thanks for reading! And welcome again to the new folks who are dropping by!

-xo, Trisha





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