Three Thousand Miles is a lifestyle blog curated by medical student, Trisha Therese. The purpose of ThreeThousandMilesBlog.com is to provide motivational content for female professionals in healthcare as well as other industries. Three Thousand Miles was originally created to provide Trisha’s perspectives on medicine while sharing resources for others to navigate the medical admissions process. Three Thousand Miles has since developed into a lifestyle blog, which covers a variety of topics including fashion, beauty, recipes, and living in Los Angeles. Motivated by her desire to “have her cake and eat it too,” Trisha hopes to prove to millennial students and professionals that despite time and financial constraints, a beautiful and fulfilling life is always within reach.


Trisha is a Los Angeles transplant who moved to the west coast to pursue her MD degree. A graduate from Harvard University, Trisha is passionate about the intersection of business and medicine and hopes to focus these interests towards improving healthcare access and costs in underserved communities.

Upon starting medical school Trisha was warned that “her life is no longer her own”. Determined to disprove the longstanding stereotypes that medical professionals are unable to find time for themselves or their passions, Trisha finally launched her blog in January 2016. Trisha hopes to use Three Thousand Miles to motivate and encourage medical students and healthcare professionals to find balance in their daily lives. This blog serves as an intersection of her passions and interests including medicine, fashion, baking, cooking, and exploring her new neighborhood in LA. When she’s not blogging or studying, you’ll likely find Trisha trying out a new restaurant, hiking a local trail, or facetiming her loved ones back home who are three thousand miles away.