Why Blog??

“So Trisha, why’d you start a blog in medical school,” they asked. Well here’s why…

TTMB blog

When I first got to medical school, one of the first things I was told was that my life and time are no longer going to be my own and to be completely honest, that scared me more than the thought of late night study sessions and learning everything about the human body in less than 2 years. I don’t mind the books and the late nights, and I can even pull an all-nighter every once in a while if I have to. But sacrificing the rest of my life? My interests? My hobbies? I wasn’t too sure about all of that.

The fact that I would have to sacrifice my time and desires for the sake of medicine worried me and in the beginning I wondered if I even made the right choice at all. Truthfully, if I had it my way, I could have it both ways… getting to do everything I want while still staying on top of this whole medicine thing.

It was hard at first but over time, it got easier to make sacrifices and prioritize my end goal of becoming a doctor. However with that being said, I still wanted to make sure I stayed true to myself and that I WOULD NOT let medicine/ medical school completely consume me.

 While I’m appreciative of this journey and throughly thankful to have gotten here, I also know that I don’t want medicine to become my life and identity. I’m a girl of many interests and passions, and just because medicine just so happens to be one of them, I don’t want to lose sight of everything else that I value and enjoy; And with that my blog was born.