Before I moved to LA, I didn’t realize how many pop culture references there were to The City of Angels. Remember LaCienega Boulevardez from The Proud Family? Turns out that one of the main streets in LA is called La Cienega Boulevard. I remember having to do a double take at my phone when Google Maps told me to make a turn onto La Cienega Boulevard for the first time. Also remember the pier called Ocean Shores on Rocket Power? Well that’s based off of The Santa Monica Pier, which just so happens to be one of my favorite places in LA. And no, it’s… View Post

So I’ve been meaning to write posts like these for a while but it’s been super hard to figure out how I wanted to organize them. I always loved Franish’s Top Three posts and Krista’s Weekend Updates are also some of my weekly favorites. Anyways, I’m inspired by these ladies who manage to post these updates every week and I decided to give it a try and put my own spin on it (although I love how Franziska keeps her posts organized by date… I shall be using her numbering system until I find a better solution). Anyways, expect to find these types of posts… View Post

Last week I attended my friend Sabine’s graduation from law school. It was such a beautiful occasion and I’m so glad I finally got to meet her sister. You may remember Sabine from my adventures in Culver City at The Culver Hotel. Well unfortunately, she won’t be making any more blog appearances soon since she’ll be moving in a couple of weeks to start her law career *cue tears here*. I was touched when Sabine sent a grad invite in the mail inviting me to her graduation. Sabine has been my road dog throughout my journey in LA. If I ever want to do something… View Post

The other day on Instagram I posted these two photos to my Instagram stories and I got so much positive feedback and many requests to make a post on how I created my gallery wall (please excuse the grainy instagram quality!). Today I’m sharing how I decorated my study space and how I created my DIY gallery wall. Here’s the photos I shared on instagram last week: (Shameless plug, but are you following me on instagram? If not, click here and follow me @threethousandmiles) For the record, the actual “before” picture is misleading because instead of the pink chair, I had an ugly wooden chair… View Post

I was super fortunate enough to be included in the launch of The Skirtsy Box, a new clothing subscription box that provides African print skirts, delivered to your home each month. I first heard about The Skirtsy Box from a Facebook group I’m in and when an opportunity to be a part of their launch presented itself, I jumped at the chance. So a long time ago, my good friend got an Ankara romper made and I knew I wanted one just like it. Luckily for me another friend of mine was traveling to Nigeria around that same time and she agreed to bring back… View Post