So yesterday I posted this look on my instagram (also shameless plug, if you’re not following me, and want to see my adventures, definitely do so by clicking HERE). I wore it to a healthcare business conference that I attended on Saturday with one of my good friends and classmates Brittany. It was so fun to learn more about healthcare and I was especially excited for the digital health and value based care panels.

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I rarely have “blog worthy” outfits anymore, mostly because I got rid of ALL of my clothes. Any business clothes I have left are in my closet in NY because the last time I was home I forgot to pack them in my suitcase on the way back to LA #oops! In addition to that, I REFUSE to buy new clothes. Lately, I’ve been on a fitness/ health kick and have really been motivated to get after it. As a result, I refuse to spend money on clothes that ideally won’t fit me soon. I know, I know I should dress for the now and not the future, but I hate buying things in a larger size and I really don’t want to waste any money on things that will be too big. Until then I just plan on getting creative with the few articles of clothing I do have left.

Because I had no business casual clothes, I had to get very creative with my wardrobe. Thankfully, most of my clothes are neutrals so everything matches. It was just a matter of mixing and matching to find the right combo. For my conference look, I decided to opt out of my usual black monotone uniform (something I’m trying to break out of) and combine various neutrals and textures. I don’t have much color in my closet. Other than black I mostly have shades of taupe, olive green, blush and grey, which are my favorite colors to wear and the colors I chose to create this ensemble.

I’m so glad that I live in LA because things are a lot more chill here when it comes to professional attire. As a result, I didn’t feel too bad not wearing a traditional dress and blazer, or a suit. I definitely wouldn’t wear this outfit to an interview or for a business event on the east coast (they’re much more conservative back east), but it worked well for a day conference in LA. Also surprisingly, I wasn’t the most underdressed in attendance!

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I’m obsessed with these pants from Forever 21. I actually stopped shopping here a long time ago but this is the one item I keep going back for. I can’t find these online, so I’m worried they don’t make them anymore. I used to have 6 pairs (3 black, 3 olive) but I can only find these olive ones. They are super comfy and like most things in my closet, they are pretty versatile. I can dress them up with heels (like I did here) or I can make them casual with a jean jacket and some sneakers.

I also LOVE the shoes I’m wearing. I bought them on a whim when I was in Boston for the Harvard Yale football game because I needed a dinner outfit for the Harvard Football Banquet. They were ~$25 and are my comfiest heels ever. They’re sold out everywhere but I’m going to stalk them online because I definitely want a backup and ideally another color. I can walk around in these all day without any pain or discomfort.

Conference Style, Three Thousand Miles Blog, Trisha Therese, business casual outfit-3

Conference Style, Three Thousand Miles Blog, Trisha Therese, business casual outfit-4

The top was a random one from TJ Maxx. I love it because it has a bronze/ rose gold metallic thread woven into the blush fibers, which adds some sparkle and texture to my outfit without being over the top. The blazer is old from Nordstrom. It’s Topshop brand but I got it for <$10 and actually never wore it until today.

Conference Style, Three Thousand Miles Blog, Trisha Therese, Coach Edie Bag Black-5

If you have read my style posts before, you already know that I absolutely love Coach. Growing up, Coach was one of the IT brands and my mom loved them and I guess it rubbed off on me. I got my first Coach bag when I turned 12 and I have been loyal to them since. I know that a lot of canvas leather bags are popular right now but for some reason they feel like plastic to me (even the high-end brands). I love soft, quality leather and Coach’s pebbled leather is one of my favorites. Compared to some of my other leather bags from different brands, Coach’s leather is definitely sturdier and much better quality.

Conference Style, Three Thousand Miles Blog, Trisha Therese, business casual outfit-1

BLAZER: TopShop (similar) || TOP: TJ Maxx | | PANTS: Forever 21 (similar) || HEELS: Tahari (sold out but was available here) || PURSE: Coach (my absolute favorite purse brand) || HAIR: Twist out using Cantu and EcoStyler Gel (find my twistout tutorial here)

The business conference I went to was at UCLA and it was a conference that focused on business, healthcare and innovation. I also learned SO MUCH and took 7 pages of notes! It was so informative but also so inspiring to be in a room filled with leaders and innovators in healthcare. Also a few of you have been inquiring more about digital health and my interests in medicine. I’m really happy that I’m inspiring some of you to explore other avenues in medicine and healthcare, but I’m not gonna lie, I’m by no means a healthcare expert AT ALL. At some point I want to share more about my experiences and personal path, but I’d like to figure out exactly what I’m doing and where I’m going before I share too much.

In the meantime, for those of you interested in digital health, Medium posted an interview with a few medical professionals attending SXSW (an annual multi-day conference/ festival in Austin, Texas that’s taking place right now) about their thoughts on the future of healthcare. I especially loved reading the responses from the Dean of Dell Medical School. I don’t know much about that program but it seems that he’s invested in introducing leadership and innovation into the medical school curriculum (something I wish we had at my school), so if you’re pre-med, definitely check  out the article and perhaps add Dell Med to your list!

This conference was the highlight of my weekend (lame) and I’ve been looking forward to it for a while (even more lame). I know, I know, I’m such a nerd sometimes. Let me know what some of your nerdy interests are in the comments below!

xo, Trisha

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Minority in Medicine, Trisha Therese, Black History Month

Minority in Medicine, Trisha Therese, Black History Month

Minority in Medicine, Trisha Therese, Black History Month

Minority in Medicine, Trisha Therese, Black History Month

I can’t believe it’s already almost the end of February. Like seriously, where did the time go?! If this keeps up, 2017 will be over before we know it! But anyways, with that being said.. HAPPY BELATED BLACK HISTORY MONTH Y’ALL! In honor of Black History Month, I’d like to get a bit more personal and share more about my medical school goals and my experience as a black woman in medicine.

I’m part of a track at my medical school that focuses on urban undeserved populations. There’s 24 of us in this special cohort and it is very competitive to get accepted into this program (I think my year was a little less than 2% acceptance rate, which is crazy). This was my first choice program because the proof was in the pudding. The students and administration of this program are genuinely committed to alleviating healthcare discrepancies in urban undeserved communities in Los Angeles and I’m humbled by getting an opportunity to learn and help participate in this mission.

My cohort and I have extra requirements in addition to the requirements of the regular medical school class. We are required to do a year-long research project, write a thesis, and although it’s not required, we are expected to stay involved in the community in some way shape or form (as long as it doesn’t interfere with academics). Despite the extra requirements, I love this program and I’m so humbled and grateful to have an opportunity to learn with and from my peers.

Although I am at my top choice program, my path to medicine hasn’t been perfect. I’ve had several people try to convince me not to be a doctor and truthfully, I think this has a lot to do with my race and gender. For instance, even AFTER I was accepted into medical school, one person told me not to go and to forfeit my seat and do something else. The crazy part is that he had no issues supporting a few males on their journey to medicine, even after he told me to give up on mine. Others confirmed his advice was biased and he didn’t have my best interests in mind, but thankfully, those situations have been few and far in between and I have discovered amazing mentors and advisors along the way.

If you’re a minority or woman in medicine, it can get discouraging. For instance, my male peers have shared that they have to explain to their patients and others that they are NOT the real doctor meanwhile, my female peers and I are constantly having to explain ourselves and the fact that we are real medical students and not volunteers or some other role. While it can get frustrating being a minority physician in training, I know it will be worthwhile in the end. I get inspired by hearing stories of awesome female and minority physicians who do great things. It encourages me to know that there are others who are thriving in situations where is no one else who looks like them or they are the only one of their gender on the team.

So what’s in the future for me? As I mentioned before, I have always been passionate about working in underserved and minority communities. More recently, I have been excited by healthcare systems and finding innovative solutions to tackle issues in healthcare (think health tech/ digital health/ entrepreneurship). I know I want to practice to some degree, but I have other things in store for my MD degree. I know this path is not a commonly traveled one and as a black woman I’m likely going to have to forge my own way. But I love a challenge and I’m excited to spend the next few years learning, growing, and hopefully making an impact.

My goal for sharing this today was to highlight that being a minority and a woman in medicine isn’t easy. But I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything in the world because they’ve helped me grow into who I am today. Whether you’re the only minority in your med school class or you’re the only female surgeon in the operating room, I hope that by sharing bits and pieces of my journey I can inspire you to overcome your obstacles and not allow others to place limits on your potential.

Minority in Medicine, Trisha Therese, Black History Month

P.S. I couldn’t let Black History Month go by without highlighting White Coat Black Doctors, an organization created by a group of UNC medical students. One of my best friends is one of the founders and I’ve been following their journey from the very beginning. It’s crazy to see how much they’ve grown from a small organization to a national movement supporting Black physicians and medical students. If you are a Black medical/ premed student or ally then definitely check out their site. They have a bunch of different shirts and accessories for current and future doctors. Their items also make great gifts for a doctor/ future doctor in your life. Also while you’re on their page you should see if you are eligible to apply for one of their scholarships!

Happy Black History Month!!




This post is not sponsored. I purchased all items myself last year. I simply wanted to share a great organization with a great mission!

how to be more productive, trisha therese

how to be more productive, trisha therese

how to be more productive, trisha therese

I’m in medical school, I run a blog, I keep in contact with friends and family multiple times a day, I go to church, I try to workout regularly, and more recently I have been trying to do shoots every 1-3 weeks for my blog. Also I’d like to add that I require 7-8 hours of sleep per day to be functional. Some days are more stressful than others but I’ve managed to create a system where I am able to accomplish everything on my to-do list plus more.

Don’t be fooled though, I wasn’t always this way. I used to live a life of procrastination and staying up late to cram for exams and meet deadlines. But that life was too stressful and not sustainable and I was very unhappy. My lightbulb moment was when I realized that if I was more productive during dedicated working times, I freed up a lot more time to do the things I really wanted to do.

Whether you’re a student like me, or already living in the professional world, here are 5 tips for you to use daily to maximize your productivity so you can free up time for your passions, side hustles, and interests.

how to be more productive, trisha therese


I used to think that I could live my life freely without a schedule… I was wrong. I found that without a schedule, I wasted a lot of time doing things I shouldn’t have been doing. Blogging infiltrated my study time, study time infiltrated my sleep time, and everything was a mess.

Recently I’ve been very strict about keeping to a schedule and it has helped immensely. It has also helped to keep a schedule on the weekends/ my days off. Here’s an example of my shoot day schedule, which is typically a day that I have off from any commitments.

5-5:30am – Wake up + breakfast
5:30-8am – study using Forest App (see below)
8am-12pm – photos for blog
12-1pm – lunch/ get settled in
1-6pm – study using Forest App
6-9pm – dinner & gym
9pm-whenever – varies (ex: go out/ sleep/ study some more/ netflix)

My schedules are jam packed and even my days “off” are work days. Working out and blogging are fun for me so I don’t mind having work to do as long as I can fit one of these two activities in. I have a gym in my building so sometimes a “workout” is a quick walk to the gym down the hall to run a mile or 2 before bed.


As you can see from my schedule above, 5am is the new norm. I am NOT a morning person and sometimes I sleep in especially if I don’t have requirements until later on in the morning.

Even though I HATE waking up that early, there’s something about the stillness and darkness of the early morning that I love. I try to take 15 min for coffee and prayer before I do anything else.

Because I’m up so early, it forces me to be productive. Like I said, I’m not a morning person so if I’m up that early you best believe I’m going to be productive.


This kind of links back to hack #1 which is to make a schedule. But even after you make a schedule, how do you ensure that you actually stick to it? I do my studying in large chunks of time (typically 3-5 hours if I can). I rather have 2 large blocks of study time and then plan my other activities/ requirements around those.

How do I stay focused during those 3-5 hours? I use the Forest App. Forest is basically a pomodoro timer, that I love. Pomodoro is basically studying for 30-60 minutes and then taking a 5-15 minute break and then you repeat. I love that the Forest App flashes motivational messages and it keeps me from accessing other apps on my phone while the timer is active. I typically do 60 minutes of focused time with 15 minute breaks. My favorite part is that the app tells you how many productive hours you had. I aim to have 2-12 hours of productivity per day depending on what was on my agenda for that day.

Other tips for staying focused include working on full screen on my laptop and turning off my wifi when I don’t need the internet. I also keep my phone and laptop on do not disturb and I remove Messages from my Macbook dock when I’m studying so I don’t see text message notifications pop up.


I HATE libraries so I don’t go there. I personally love coffee shops, but driving to one, finding parking, finding an empty table near an outlet, connecting to the sometimes spotty wifi, ordering food/ coffee all waste time. By the time I’m settled I usually wasted 30min to an hour of my time.

Recently I’ve been studying at home (hence the lack of #studyspo pics on my instagram feed). It saves gas, money and time, and quite honestly I’m pretty productive. I have fast wifi, snacks, and coffee at my disposal and its quiet.

I love cafe studying but I have opted for studying at home and using cafe’s for tasks like sending emails, editing blog photos or writing a blog post. T

If you’re a library studier, then don’t play yourself… go to the library. If you need to be home, then live in your truth and stay home. Realizing where I work best has been hard for me, because I miss studying with my friends in cute LA cafe’s but my wallet and my grades thank me.



I used to wonder why stay at home moms and housewives got dressed even if they weren’t going any where for the day. But I read a post from a mommy blogger about how getting dressed and putting on makeup helps her feel her best and it keeps her feeling “awake” even though she could get away without showering and dressing frumpy. Because I study at home, it’s very tempting to study in PJs but I try not to. For me, wearing jeans or something less comfy than my PJs keeps me from crawling into bed.


how to be more productive, trisha therese


I hope these tips help you to stay productive so you can have more time for the fun things.

How do you maximize productivity?



Happy Valentine’s Day!

happy valentine's day, trisha therese, love wall

Whether you’re taken or single I hope you have a day filled with love, joy and LOTS OF CHOCOLATE!

If you need a quick last minute gift idea check out my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide that I posted earlier this month! I made sure to share a bunch of gifts for girls and guys. Prices range from totally affordable to pretty pricey, but I think there’s something there for everyone.

I mentioned recently on my Instagram that my mom is in town for a while, so she will be my Valentine’s date for today. If you know me in real life, you’ll know that I’m secretly obsessed with Olive Garden (I know it’s basic, but its SO GOOD) so hopefully, we can find one close by for a quick V-day dinner!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?



valentines day


valentines day


valentines day


Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that you either love or you hate. I know it’s a “commercial holiday” and you should spend 365 days a year showing love and appreciation for the special people in your life. But for me, Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to show extra special love and appreciation. It doesn’t mean I don’t do this on other days, but to me there’s nothing wrong with an extra gift or two on February 14th! Because I love shopping for others, I put together this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and I hope you find this helpful!!

If you’re anything like me, finding gifts for others can take a while. It takes me forever to think of something that people love and also something that would be useful. Below you can find my top picks for gifts for that special someone in your life! I know that we all have different budgets, but I think there’s something for everyone, down from the frugal student (that’s me) to the ones who are balling out of control (hopefully that’s future me). Also this gift guide doesn’t have to be just for Valentine’s Day. The items I listed would be perfect for a birthday, anniversary, or a gift just because.


Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Her

Gift Guide For Her:

1. Kate Spade Monogram Necklace
I don’t have this but my best friend does and I love it so much. This is a perfect everyday necklace that you can wear to class, at work, and in clinic (looking out for my fellow med students!). It’s pretty pricey but I think you get your money’s worth if you wear it as an everyday piece.

2. Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Rose Eau De Parfurm
I LOVE this perfume! I got a rollerball for Christmas and I am obsessed with this scent. I plan on getting a full size one day but for now I’m enjoying the roller ball. If you want to save $$$ then go for the rollerball (<$30) but if you want to splurge you can get a larger size for $90+

3. Kate Spade Notebook
I have one of these but in a different color. These are a great option as a gift. They come in so many prints, colors, and patterns and some have cute phrases on them. I’ll likely add one of these to my arsenal for my daily todo lists.

4. Fit Bit Charge 2 (SPLURGE!!!)
I have a Fit Bit Charge and I LOVE it. It’s not an apple watch, but it gets the job done. I love being able to measure my calories after a workout, track my steps, and the seamless integration with the FitBit app makes it even easier to use.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Him

Gift Guide For Him:

1. Skagen Eric Leather Messenger Bag
A leather messenger bag can get a bit pricey depending on the brand. I mostly found them for $300+ but this one is <$200. It’s the perfect gift for that special someone who got a new job, or recently transitioned to the corporate world. I would definitely browse sales unless you got money to blow since the nicest leather bags can cost hundreds.

2. Silk Tie
I LOVE the Tie Bar. They have affordable but quality ties that appeal to all styles. From classic to eccentric, there’s really something for everyone. They also have gift boxes that allow you to mix and match ties and pocket sqaures. Those can get a bit pricey depending on what you pick to go inside the box, but I think a single tie is a great way to show someone you care without breaking the bank.

3. Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones
If you follow me on instagram you’ll know that I have these in the wired version and I love them SO much. This gift is a major splurge because it’s so expensive. This is perfect for someone who travels often (the noise-cancelling drowns out the loud airplane engines) or someone who just got into grad school or medical school (noise cancelling is essential for intense study sessions).

4. NFL Beanie
By the time Valentine’s Day rolls around the NFL football season will be over. But this is definitely an affordable gift for any football lover in your life. Truthfully I want to get one for myself one of these for myself for next season.

I hope my Valentine’s Day gift guide is useful for you! Let me know what you plan on doing on Valentine’s Day in the comments below!

xo, Trisha

Disclaimer: Thank you for reading my blog. Some of my links are affiliate links and I earn a small percentage of those sales. Thanks in advance if you decide to purchase items through them. Don’t like affiliate links? That’s okay too! I provided product details to give you the option to find the items on your own. Thank you for supporting Three Thousand Miles.



I have a lot of opinions but when it comes to politics, I tend to keep them off the internet simply to avoid conflict/ drama. But truthfully, these past few days have been a bit unsettling for me. I’ve taken to consuming less social media because it’s been draining to see all that is going on in the world and in this country. Witnessing the ignorance and hate over the internet makes me anxious for the future and I started feeling like I couldn’t do anything about what’s going on around me. Thankfully, I was able to take a mini vacation this weekend and escape it all, but now that I’m back I felt that I needed to speak up. My blog is a space where I usually share frivolous things like fashion, grad school life, and other things mixed in. But as a future physician and community advocate, I couldn’t bring it upon myself to share another selfie or another trivial social media post until I shared this.

“The opposite of love is NOT hate, it’s indifference. –Elie Wiesel”

While it’s really easy to shut off all my media and live in my own world where I pretend nothing is happening around me, that’s not the reality for others right now. So what can we do to help? Here’s a list of some actionable steps we can take to have an impact:

  1. Register for Turbo Vote: I’m sure you’ve heard of Turbo Tax but Turbo Vote is a software that registers you to vote, sends reminders about upcoming elections, and helps you process your absentee ballot. If anything, this political season has taught me that I need to be more aware about ALL elections, not just the presidential ones.
  2. Contact your elected officials:  Click here to contact your Representatives and click here to contact your Senators. Also here are some tips, other resources, and some questions to get you started.
  3. Get Countable: I have seen this shared widely over my social media but haven’t looked into it until recently. Countable is an app where you can find summaries of what is going on in Congress and has tools to help you contact your reps as well. There are so many issues that are being decided on that I had no clue about. The topics range from healthcare, to education, immigration, science & technology, and more. This is an example of some of the issues in healthcare. As a medical student I am embarrassed to say I had no idea some of these bills were up for debate, but now that I know, I will be more proactive about staying informed.
  4. Join the Women’s March 10 actions for 100 days: The Women’s March organizers are asking others to take action every 10 days for 100 days. Click here to see the action list. There’s also a subscribe option where you can receive emails to find out about the next actions for the rest of the 100 days.

I hope this post was helpful for someone. Regardless of your political beliefs, I think it’s important that we all educate ourselves with what’s going and learn how to make our voices count. These were just a few ideas, but there are plenty more that I’m sure I missed. Share this post with your friends and leave more ideas that I may have left out in the comments below.


xo, Trisha



how to do a twist out, trisha therese, three thousand miles blog

Want to learn how I achieved THIS amazing twist out?? Keep reading below to learn how!

how to do a twist out


how to do a twist out


how to do a twist out


how to do a twist out


how to do a twist out


how to do a twist out

So, for the first time EVER I figured out how to do a twist out. I’ve been natural for a while so it’s kind of embarrassing how the only thing I could do was a wash and go and puff for almost 3 years. Typically, I do wash and goes every 3-7 days (depends on how lazy I am) and wear it in a high puff when it starts to frizz. A few posts back, I mentioned how I went on a cruise and spent two weeks in the Caribbean and Florida. The trip was amazing and I had so much fun BUT all that sun and salt water wrecked havoc on my hair. Ultimately, I ended up giving myself a much needed trim and cut off 1-1.5 inches in some spots #oops. After the trim, I tried my usual wash and go but the shrinkage is SO real so decided that I wanted to finally master a few stretched styles including a twist out as I wait for my hair to get long again.

In attempts to master a twist out, I tried so many combinations of hair products in my hair product arsenal (I have WAY too many). In fact the photos from this blog post were after a failed twist out, but thankfully I was able to salvage it to get my blog pictures done. The other day, I was randomly playing in my hair out of boredom and decided to try a new combination of products. I used my favorite moisturizer and my favorite oil and paired that with a gel I rarely ever use and I was blown away. Here’s how I did it:

how to do a twist out

From left to right:
1. Eco Styler Gel (olive oil)
2.Etae Camelux Hair Gloss
3. Mielle Organics Avocado Moisturizing Avocado Hair Milk
4.Creme of Nature Strength and Shine Leave in Conditioner (argan oil line)

And here are the EXACT STEPS I used to achieve this PERFECT TWIST OUT! I realized that it was  the gel as well as how I twisted my ends that made the biggest difference!

STEP 1: Use Leave In

I started with old dry hair from a previously failed twist out. If you’re starting with freshly washed hair, let most of it dry before you start. The wetter the hair, the more shrinkage you’ll get. Spray just enough to make your hair slightly damp but not wet. I also finger detangle in this step since my Creme of Nature Leave In softens my hair.

how to do a twist out

Step 2: Moisturize & Detangle

I use the one pictured below. I LOVE this moisturizer so so so much. It’s creamy and leaves my hair super soft. It is very similar to the Camille Rose Naturals Macadamia Love Moisturizer but because of my tree nut allergy I can’t use the CRN one anymore. The Mielle Organics is a great alternative and truthfully, I like it a lot better. I’ve always heard that avocado oil was great for the hair but I never tried any products with it before this. This product really makes me want to try avocado masks and avocado oil to seal as well.

how to do a twist out

Step 3: Seal

I love this oil by Etae. It is my absolute favorite. Personally, I prefer all natural oils to silicone alternatives. I find that my hair has the best shine and maximum softness with natural oils. This oil is an olive oil plus a blend of other herbal oils. It cost me $15 so you can likely save by mixing oils on your own, but I’m no mixologist so I’ll repurchase this again. One thing I love about this oil is that it is very light and doesn’t weigh down my hair, even when its straight.

Step 5: Apply Gel/ Styler

I rarely use Eco Styler Gel. It works well for my wash and go’s but I typically use  Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker for those. I don’t know what possessed me to pick up my jar of Eco Styler but I’m so glad I did. After my hair is moisturized, oiled and detangled, I work in small sections and apply a little dollop of gel throughout the section from root to tip before I make a twist. No need to over saturate your hair, just make sure that every strand is coated.

how to do a twist out

Step 6: Twist

Like I mentioned before, I like to work in small sections and apply my gel right before I twist each section. When you twist your hair, make sure you’re starting at the root and that it’s tight at the base. If you start with a loose twist you’re going to lose definition and have puffiness at the roots. If needed you can start off with a braid to “catch the roots” and then switch to a twist for the length of the hair. I do this on my shorter sections that unravel easily. When you are about 1/2-1/4 of an inch from the tips of your hair, just twirl the end around your fingers. If needed you can add a little bit of gel to your fingers while you twirl. This ensures that when you take down your twists, you don’t have to pick at the ends to unravel them and cause frizz. I thought that my hair was going to unravel but it didn’t. Doing my ends this way made the biggest difference in the outcome of my twist outs.

how to do a twist out

Step 7: Untwist

Before you take down your hair make sure your hair is FULLY dry. I like to rub a little oil in the palms of my hands before I untwist to reduce frizz. Remember how I told you not to twist all the way down, and “twirl” the ends of your hair around your finger instead? This is where that trick saves you! I like to grab the middle of a twist and simply pull the two halves of the twists apart. Because you didn’t twist all the way down the bottom half should untwist easily with a slight pull. After the bottom half is untwisted, I carefully separate the two halves of the twist until I reach the root. I try not to separate the twists any further until all the twists are untwisted. Below I included a picture of my hair once I untwisted all the twists. Notice how each twist is shiny, soft, and defined? There’s no frizz because I took my time and I didn’t separate the twists more than their two halves.

how to do a twist out

Step 7: Fluff & Go

From there, I start to separate my hair no more than 2 times per section. The more you separate the more frizz you’ll get. I shake my hair out and use my pick to fluff out my roots for fullness.

how to do a twist out, trisha therese, three thousand miles blog



And there you have it… the easiest way to learn how to do a twist out. I hope this helps you on your journey to achieving healthy natural hair. Let me know in the comments below how this method works for you!

xo, Trisha

P.S. I recently got Photoshop and had WAY too much fun playing with colors and backgrounds. Please excuse any rough spots in my photos as I’m only a beginner! I promise to get better from here though!

Disclaimer: Thank you for reading my blog. Some of my links are affiliate links and I earn a small percentage of those sales. Thanks in advance if you decide to purchase items through them. Don’t like affiliate links? That’s okay too! I provided product details to give you the option to find the items on your own. Thank you for supporting Three Thousand Miles.

Sketchy Medical Review


Today on the blog I’m going to share with you my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE study tool in medical school. Seriously, this was the best study tool ever, and I rarely missed pharm or micro questions because of it. You may have heard of Sketchy Medical from your med school friends. Or if you are active in the online med IG community, you probably saw a few med students screenshotting their Sketchy scenes in one of their #studyspo pictures. These videos saved my life in medical school so today I’m sharing my Sketchy Medical review PLUS tips on how to use it to maximize your learning experience.

So when I first heard of Sketchy, it was called Sketchy Micro because at the time they only had videos related to microbiology. Now Sketchy has rebranded into Sketchy Medical, which includes Sketchy Micro (all the micro videos) plus the new Sketchy Pharm (all of the pharmacology videos).


Sketchy Medical Review


I first got introduced to Sketchy Medical when I was in Haiti during the summer before my second year. I met medical students from other schools and one of them told me about Sketchy Medical and Picmonic. Picmonic is another video tool that uses images to put things into memory. My friend played the Picmonic E. coli video for me and then she played the Sketchy Micro E. coli video and truthfully, only the Sketchy one stuck. I’m not trying to bash Picmonic in anyway, but the sketches were random, the plot lines made no sense, and it just seemed all over the place.

But for whatever reason the Sketchy video made sense, the story line drew my attention, and even though I never took micro before (my school does micro during second year),  I could literally tell you all the high yield facts about E. coli off the top of my head. When I got back to the states, I told my classmate about Sketchy and she said some of the older students at our school recommended it. I was impressed to find that even though several weeks have passed (and I still didn’t start micro yet), I STILL remembered the Sketchy E. coli video and from that point on I was hooked.



  • Easy to use
  • Memorable videos
  • There’s a review option that you can use to quiz yourself on the facts of a video before moving on to the next one
  • The Sketchy Micro videos are relatively short
  • Aligns with First Aid including those minor details you may have missed when reading
  • The memory hooks are constant throughout the entire Sketchy Micro & Sketchy Pharm (for instance, red stools are always representative of bloody diarrhea) which helps with memory retention


  • Sketchy Pharm Videos are much longer than Sketchy Micro videos. They are still just as useful, but I had to dedicate more time to watching them


  • A bunch of people like to print their Sketchy scenes and take notes directly on the picture. I wish Sketchy would offer PDF images of each scene for those who want to take notes on their iPad or an optional spiral bound notebook with those color images for people who want to take notes by hand. However I guess this is really not that big of a deal though since you could technically screenshot or print the images yourself.
  • If they could tell you what pages all the information was found in First Aid then that would be AMAZING! First Aid is organized kind of weird in my opinion. For instance on one page you’ll have XYZ bacteria but then a few pages layers the same bacteria is repeated in a table with new information. If Sketchy could consolidate this for each video and say for example the Strep Pyogenes Video (aka Pie Genies’ Bakery for you Sketchy Masters out there) could be listed as “Strep Pyogenes: Pie Genies’ Bakery (FA 2017: pgs 122-123, 147). This way if you wanted to take notes or follow along in First Aid (which I did sometimes), you knew exactly where to go.
  • I would like to see an updated review method. The way the review works is that there’s a picture of the final sketchy scene and a red dot over the images that have a fact associated with them. If you hover over the dot it reveals the vital fact associated with that part of the scene. It works well on my laptop, but sometimes I can’t see the red dot if it blends into the scene. I’d also like to have improved review on mobile devices since this feature didn’t work well on my iPhone.


Here you can find a short playlist of some Sketchy Micro Videos (note: this isn’t my playlist… I just found this with a quick google search). I’m sharing this so it will give you an example of the videos and you can make an informed choice if it’s for you or not.


Okay so Sketchy isn’t the only visual learning aid available. I mentioned it earlier how I watched comparable Picmonic videos. Some people like Picmonic because it covers ALL of first aid (I think Sketchy is working on doing this and if not they should… SKETCHY ARE YOU READING THIS? IF SO YOU REALLY SHOULD CREATE A STEP 1 COURSE, K THANKS! – SINCERELY, ALL MED STUDENTS WHO WANT TO ACE THE USMLE STEP 1).

My issue with Picmonic was that it was all over the place for me. I tried using it during second year to learn the blood flow of the brain stem but the images and story lines didn’t make sense. It was just too much visual stimulation. Personally, the organization of sketchy works best for me. I have friends who swear by Picmonic but I personally don’t recommend them.

To make the best choice for you, try watching sample videos of each and see what you like more. I have friends who use both (Sketchy for micro and pharm and Picmonic for everything else). It’s really up to you and at the end of the day, you should pick what’s best for you and your grades.


Okay so you’re either 1 of 2 students reading this right now. Student 1: Has not taken micro or pharm (or is in the middle of it) and needs something to supplement their studying during the school year. Student 2 has finished his/ her preclinical years and is researching study resources for Step 1. Truthfully, I think Student 1 will benefit more from Sketchy Medical only because those memory hooks will be solidified over the course of the pre-clinical studies. So by the time Student 1 starts studying for Step 1, they will be REWATCHING the videos and not seeing them for the first time. Repetition is key with memorizing and memory hooks. Student 2 can definitely benefit as well, but he/ she will just have to ensure they manage their time well since there are a lot of videos. Depending on the amount of time Student 2 has for their dedicated Step study period, they may want to prioritize the videos from the topics they need help with the most and save the rest for if they have time at the end. Which student are you? Here’s what I’d suggest for each one:

  • STUDENT 1: currently in his pre-clinical years
    • Every med school curriculum is different. My school doesn’t have a pharm block and instead has a pharm thread throughout year 1 and year 2. We don’t even see Micro until year 2. Other schools do things differently. Either way, I’d suggest watching the relevant videos as they come up in your med school curriculum. So if your teacher mentions Strep in class then make sure you watch the strep videos. If you are learning the sympathomimetics, then watch those videos after your corresponding lectures. By the way, the videos are a REVIEW OF EVERYTHING. So depending on how your curriculum is designed, there may be things in the videos that aren’t relevant to what you’re learning in class at the current moment. It’s okay, just keep watching the videos as you learn the topics in school. Even though all the facts may not be relevant at first, they will be relevant for Step 1. You can either ignore the “non-relevant” facts for the time being and focus on what you need to know for your exam. Or, because the videos are so easy to watch and have digestible information, you can just save the “non-relevant” facts for later (this is what I did) since they will be relevant eventually. By using Sketchy with their curriculum, Student 1 will see all of the videos by the time they study for Step 1. So now, they can use their dedicated study time to simply re-watch the videos they forgot or re-watch their weaker subjects.
  • STUDENT 2: currently studying for Step 1 or about to study for Step 1
    • If I were in this situation, I would prioritize my weaknesses. I am good with bacteria and fungi and I’m weaker with viruses, protozoa and antibiotic drugs. As a result, I would prioritize watching the videos corresponding to my weaker subjects first. If you’re studying for Step 1, make sure to leave time for UWorld and other studying tools. You shouldn’t spend every day of your dedicated period watching Sketchy Medical for 10 hrs. Perhaps watch one or two videos as a warm up to your study day, or at the end of your day to wrap up.

How to get Sketchy Medical?

You can purchase Sketchy Micro, Sketchy Pharm, or  both here. There’s also options to get group or institutional discounts. Personally I used both and recommend getting the combined plan.


Okay well that’s my Sketchy Review! Seriously, this was my ABSOLUTE favorite study material. My friend and I used project the videos to the huge flat screen TV we had in our classrooms and just watch them while we ate snacks. After we finished a set we would quiz each other on the details before moving on. I have friends who screenshotted the scenes and took notes on the pictures on their iPad. Others printed out the notes and had a “Sketchy Workbook” where they took notes on the videos. Personally, I randomly jotted down notes in First Aid but honestly, I don’t know why I did that because the info was almost always there already.


What are your favorite study resource for medical school? If you like these reviews then let me know with a comment down below! I’d be happy to review more resources and books on the blog!


xo, Trisha


If you follow me on Instagram you’d know that I recently went on vacation to the Caribbean and Florida. It was a relaxing 2 weeks filled with sunshine (and sunburn) and lots of  fun. I took a 5 night Western Caribbean trip on the Carnival Conquest and we visited Jamaica and the Grand Cayman islands. Cruises can be cheap ways to travel and see multiple countries, however there were a few things that I wish I knew before boarding. Are you planning to cruise soon? If so, keep reading for a list of things to know before cruising.

Carnival Conquest, Things to know before cruising


If you plan on losing weight on board the cruise ship then think again. Food is EVERYWHERE on this boat. Yes, you can pick from the salad bar and choose the healthiest options, but what’s the fun in that? There are multiple food packages available but mostly you’ll have a choice of eating in the dining room or eating at the buffet. Note that the dining room is an ADD ON and even if you pick that option you can still eat at the buffet whenever you want.

The dining room has a preset menu each day (appetizer, meal, and dessert for each person) and you just show up to the dining room restaurant during your assigned dining time (see below for best times to pick). If you don’t like you meal you can always get a new one or if you’re still hungry you can request more food. Keep in mind that the dining room will have have assigned formal dining nights. So if you don’t feel like dressing up those nights (usually 1 or 2 nights during your cruise) then you can eat at one of the restaurants or the buffet.

Also select items on the room service menu are free 24/7.

2. Which Dining reservation to pick — Early or late dining?

If you choose to eat in the restaurant styled dining room then you’re going to have to select an eating time. My party selected the early dining time. You had to arrive to the dining room between 6-6:30pm. If not, then there was a chance that you wouldn’t be able to be seated. Truthfully, I preferred the earlier time, but because we had a large party with kids, sometimes we went over the allocated 1.5 hrs to eat and we were rushed away so they can prep for the next dining group. However, keep in mind that the next dining time (8pm) may overlap with some of the late night activities and shows available. So if you plan on attending shows it may be worthwhile to go with the earlier dining option.

Carnival Conquest, Things to know before cruising, Trisha Therese

3. The truth about beverages on cruise ships

ALCOHOL: It varies from cruise to cruise but for the most part you’ll be limited to 2-3 bottles of wine that you can bring with you and that’s all. If you’re trying to be drunk during your whole vacation, then your best bet is to get a drinking package. Keep in mind these packages are $45-65 PER DAY PER PERSON, which can get pretty pricey. Carnival has a rule that if one person in a room gets a drink package then every person over 21 on the boat has to get a drink package. Carnival also limits you to 15 drinks per day. Not that I’m encouraging you to drink more than 15 drinks, but I’m just trying to be as transparent as possible. Not all cruise ships have these limits, I’ve only cruised with Carnival so I only know their rules. There are stories of people “smuggling” alcohol on the boat. I mean it’s possible and people do it all the time. But I’m not going to talk about that here.

SODA: Soda is not free. Personally, I don’t drink soda unless I’m out or if it’s a special occasion but I was surprised to find that I’d be charged for some Coca-Cola if I wanted some. Everyone gets water and juice that’s served at the buffet. You are allowed to bring unopened cans of soda for free if you’d like but there’s a limit and you have to check with your cruise line/ travel agent for the limits regarding your cruise.

WATER: If you don’t drink anything but bottled water then get prepared to pay up. I’m pretty sure the water provided was filtered (it came from a special machine) and it tasted fine

JUICE: Juice is included for free on the boat

4. You’re not getting an authentic experience at port

When you get to your port, you have the morning and most of the afternoon to venture out. The cruise will provide excursions that you can pre-purchase. The good part is that they organize transportation and you can ensure that you will get back to the boat on time and not get left behind (the boat WILL LEAVE YOU if you’re not back on time). Depending on your purpose of the cruise, these excursions may or may not be enough for you. If you simply want to swim with dolphins, see a popular attraction, then you’ll be satisfied. But if you want to experience the culture, really engage with locals, have authentic food, or spend multiple days in a country then you’d be better off booking a trip to that destination for a few days. Although, some longer cruises will give you multiple days at port, which will allow you to stay overnight at a location.

Carnival Conquest, Things to know before cruising, Trisha Therese

5. If you have kids they will love cruising

There are kids clubs and kids activities. All you do is drop your kids off and then the kids counselors have itineraries and activities planned to last them the whole day.

6. Check out the on-board activities BEFORE you book

My dad got pretty bored on the boat. On our way to Jamaica, we spent 2 days at sea and by day 2 he had cabin fever. He likes activities but unfortunately our boat didn’t have much to do during the day. There are cruise boats with race car simulations, sky diving simulations, rock climbing, IMAX theaters, ropes courses, and other activities. If those things don’t entice you, or if you like having the freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want, then maybe a cruise isn’t for you. I am typically very active and I’m always go, go go so personally I enjoyed the change of pace. I had several days of relaxation and I enjoyed at sea days because I had nothing better to do than lounge and read, which are things I rarely have time for with my hectic schedule. Although, next time I cruise I will definitely pick a boat with more activities and things to do.

Carnival Conquest, Things to know before cruising, Trisha Therese

7. Save money by planning your own excursions/ travel at port

When my group arrived to the Grand Cayman Islands we were bombarded with a plethora of excursions and travel/ tour groups. We were offered to ride for $20/ person to get to the beach and to the famous turtle sanctuary. We decided against it and discovered that the “buses” in the Grand Cayman were actually mini vans that traveled along the main routes of the island. We ended up riding for $2 per person to all of our destinations as well as back to the dock. Not every country is safe enough for you to hop on public transportation, so do some research online and see what previous cruisers did. Sometimes, it is better, safer and more affordable to travel with the cruise line. But other times, you may snag a great deal by researching beforehand.

8. The cruise isn’t a full “XYZ days”

This is how my cruise schedule went:

  • DAY 1: get on the boat around 12pm (others were scheduled to board on as late as 3pm), cruise boat leaves around 5:00pm, required safety orientation for about 30-60 min. By the time that ended, we had to bring our suitcases into the cabins (they leave them in front of your cabin door) and go to dinner
  • DAY 2: At Sea
  • DAY 3: At Sea
  • DAY 4: Jamaica (10am-3pm)
  • DAY 5: Grand Cayman Islands (10am-3pm)
  • DAY 6: At Sea (leave the boat at 8am)

As you can see Day 1 and Day 6 don’t count because you’re really not able to do much since they’re not full days. The cruise was advertised as a 5 night (6 day) cruise but I really only had 4 full days.

Carnival Conquest, Things to know before cruising

9. The cruise clubs and lounges are poppin’

So I actually didn’t go to the club. I was with family and that’s really not something I’m trying to do with them. But I walked by it and it looked like fun and the music sounded great. Although I don’t like clubs, I wouldn’t mind going if I was on board with a group of friends just so we can dance together or just people-watch (let’s be real, clubs are magnets for some serious characters).

I did hit up the comedy shows with my family though and those were hilarious. Just to let you know, when they say 18+ comedy they mean it. Maybe sit by the back so you have an easy exit if you’re easily offended or don’t like crude jokes. Don’t worry, they have family comedy shows that are just as entertaining and safe for kiddies!

I didn’t go to any of the other performances and shows, so I can’t comment on them, but my family members who did go, really enjoyed them.

Carnival Conquest, things to know before cruising


10. Your trip is what you make it

I wish we had gotten on a bigger ship with more activities. But I took advantage of what was available to me. I also wish that I could have stayed in Grand Cayman and Jamaica longer but I decided to be positive and see it as a “taste” or preview of each country and added them to my must visit in the future list. It’s really easy to get bored or tired on a cruise but with the right attitude and an open mind you can definitely have lots of fun.

Personally, I plan on cruising again and I REALLY want to do a Disney cruise. After some research I’d also LOVE to go on the Norweigan Cruise Line Norweigan Escape (because of the attractions on that boat) and the Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas which is the largest cruise ship in the world. Have you gone on a cruise? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

Carnival Conquest, things to know before cruising, Trisha Therese

xo, Trisha


Hi Friends!

Three Thousand Miles Blog | Stuart Weitzman Highland dupes | winter fashion | over the knee boots | J. Crew excursion vest | Sam Edelman Boots

First of all I hope you all had a blessed and happy new year. I can’t believe its already 2017! Where did the time go?! It seriously feels like 2016 started and ended so quickly. Late last year I received a few emails asking if I could share more about my outfits and fashion. I was hesitant for many reasons. First of all, I don’t consider myself to be the most fashionable. I like cute things and I like to match and I can put together a decent outfit but I am by no means a fashionista or fashion expert. Second of all, up until this point I did not have a reliable quality camera so most pics were taken on my iPhone. I know some people sing praises about iPhone photo quality, but it just wasn’t cutting it for me. So while I made my iPhone work for other lifestyle shots, I knew I needed something a bit more powerful for outfit posts.

But guess what happened guys?! I got blessed with one of the greatest Christmas gifts ever… a new DSLR camera! It was very timely because my friend Ije from Klassy Kinks was telling me that if I wanted to improve my blog and grow my following, one of the first things that I needed to work on was upgrading my pictures. I knew she was right but at the time, a new camera just wasn’t in the budget. Thankfully, Christmas was a few weeks after and Santa was so generous with his gifts. With this new camera, I feel more comfortable sharing outfit photos simply because I know they will be much better quality. With that being said, I do worry that my outfit posts may be a bit boring. I have luxury taste on TJ Maxx budget. But if there’s any of you who are students as well who want to learn how to snag a deal or find a quality dupe on the latest trends then I hope you find my fashion posts beneficial.

Consider this one of the many changes coming to Three Thousand Miles. I’ve been blogging for almost a year now, and it’s crazy how much my blog and I have changed this past year. This is the longest I’ve committed to anything recently so it’s truly a testimony that this site is still going strong.

Anyways today’s post is all about Stuart Weitzman dupes! If you follow a few fashion/ lifestyle blogs you know that these boots are EVERYWHERE. Every other blogger I see online is touting around in these over the knee classics. Not gonna lie, I have tried to find EVERY WAY POSSIBLE TO GET MY HANDS ON THESE. But at the end of the day, going without internet, and rationing my food and electricity usage JUST ISN’T WORTH IT lol. Even though the originals were out of my budget I loved the look and was determined to find the look for less. During the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this past summer I got myself a pair of the Sam Edelman Kent Over the Knee Boots. Because I bought them over the summer, I  forgot about them until I was in NY for the holidays. I wore them for the first time in NY and I received compliments ALL DAY on these beauties. Unfortunately I don’t remember how much I paid for them during the N-sale (not more than $150) but you can find them here for $152.

(pssstt… wanna learn more about how I snag AMAZING Nordstrom deals? Check out my post all about it by clicking here)

Three Thousand Miles Blog | Stuart Weitzman Highland dupes | winter fashion | over the knee boots | J. Crew excursion vest | Sam Edelman Boots | Stuart Weitzman Dupes

Three Thousand Miles Blog | Stuart Weitzman Highland dupes | winter fashion | over the knee boots | J. Crew excursion vest | Sam Edelman Boots | Stuart Weitzman Dupes

Three Thousand Miles Blog | Stuart Weitzman Highland dupes | winter fashion | over the knee boots | J. Crew excursion vest | Sam Edelman Boots | Stuart Weitzman Dupes

Three Thousand Miles Blog | Stuart Weitzman Highland dupes | winter fashion | over the knee boots | J. Crew excursion vest | Sam Edelman Boots | Stuart Weitzman Dupes

So how do my dupes compare to the originals? Truthfully, the biggest difference to me is the zipper. The original Stuart Weitzman highlands don’t have a zipper, which I prefer. While the zipper does take away from the aesthetic of the shoe, they make them a lot more functional. It’s easier to pull up my socks if they slide down, or to pull down my pant leg so I don’t have cold ankles. Also, I’ve never tried the Stuart Weitzman shoes so I can’t compare the comfort but the Sam Edelman dupes HURT. I found this out the hard way by walking 1.5 miles in them  my first day of wearing them. These shoes get more comfortable the more you wear them but it wouldn’t hurt to invest in comfy petals for the balls of your feet for the first few wears. Additionally, I suggest that you size up. My usual 8.5 was a bit sung and the 9 fit MUCH BETTER with and without socks.

After finding those Stuart Weitzman dupes I decided to try to find dupes of other Stuart Weitzman styles. I found this post for Lowland boot dupes, which normally retail at $798.  I ended up buying the option from JC Penny but they went right back to the store. Here’s the thing about dupes guys… It’s supposed to be cheaper but it’s not supposed to LOOK cheap. I’m all for a steal, but I have too much pride to rock something raggedy or low quality looking just because its “fashion”. If I can’t afford a QUALITY alternative then it’s not for me. I ended up returning the JC Penny boots so my only Stuart Weitzman dupes are the Sam Edelman Kent boots. Perhaps in the future I’ll invest in a different color (maybe gray?) or a lower heel. I really need only one pair of over the knee boots so unless the second pair is on major sale, then I probably won’t be adding it to my collection any time soon.

Three Thousand Miles Blog | Stuart Weitzman Highland dupes | winter fashion | over the knee boots | J. Crew excursion vest | Sam Edelman Boots | Stuart Weitzman Dupes

Like my look? Click the pictures in the widget below below to shop my look. Almost everything is on sale. If you get anything, definitely stock up on the layering tees and long sleeve tees from Old Navy. They’re only 5-bucks and are my comfiest shirts I own and are perfect for layering under sweaters, cardigans and vests!

Shop my look:

Anyways, how do you feel about this over the knee trend? If you want a pair for next winter, I’d suggest buying a discounted pair now and saving them for the next season. That’s what I did and I do not regret my decision at all!


P.S. Let me know how you like these type of posts. I have so many dupes and cheap finds I can share with you guys. Let me know in the comments below if there are any trends that you’d like me to share quality looks for less!


Disclaimer: Thank you for reading my blog. Some of my links are affiliate links and I earn a small percentage of those sales. Thanks in advance if you decide to purchase items through them. Don’t like affiliate links? That’s okay too! I provided product details to give you the option to find the items on your own. Thank you for supporting Three Thousand Miles.

Greetings friends! As I write, I’m currently in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean somewhere, trekking to the Caribbean. I’m continually amazed by the power of technology and how it equips us. I used to love reading historical fiction books and it’s crazy to me how back in the day, people had no way of knowing the whereabouts of those at sea and now I can Facetime, call, and text my family and friends back home while on a boat.



Studying in the “Study/ Library” on the cruise ship. Notice how I’m wearing my swimsuit and cover-up so I was ready to go to the pool after!


Honestly, I really wanted an “unplugged trip” but unfortunately school requirements means that I needed wifi and I also had to study. I long for the day when I am able to tell my assistant (yes, I want an assistant) to take my calls and emails for a week while I jet-set with my family. Until then I don’t think I can realistically say that I can totally let go of working even while on vacation. Personally, I always feel like I’m struggling to juggle what I want to do and what I need to do. Usually what I WANT to do consists of facetime, youtube, sleep, and spending money and what I NEED to do is usually 95% studying and 5% sending emails and 5% following up on things. Let’s take right now for instance. I’m currently snuggled up on my pull-out bed in my room on the cruise boat, updating the blog as a quick break, and then I’m gonna hit the books again. My parents are currently at a show with some friends. I made the choice to sit this one out since we’ll be on the island all day tomorrow and I want to fully enjoy that experience and not worry about doing work.



study party… p.s. these Bose earphones are the BEST noise cancelling items headphones!


Was it a hard decision to make? Yes. Will it be worth it? Absolutely. So how do I do it? How do I manage to find balance in my life and juggle the things I want to do and the things I need to do. I’ll share my secret with you… you ready? It’s really simply actually. All you have to do is BE ORGANIZED and BE PREPARED TO SACRIFICE. For instance, today I knew we were spending the day at sea. I checked today’s schedule last night and there wasn’t much that really caught my eye. I just wanted to lounge by the pool and fall asleep under the sun. There was a late night performance that I was tempted by but I knew there were performances that were more enticing later on in the week. As a result, I chose for today to be my heavier study day. I made a schedule and pretty much stuck to it:

7-9am = study

9-10am = workout

10-11am = breakfast

11-12pm = shower and such

12-3pm = study in the ship’s study

3-5pm = lounge by the pool (and bring my ipad to get some reading in)

5-6pm = get ready for dinner

6-7:30pm = dinner

7:30pm = optional show or study


I didn’t stick to the schedule perfectly. For instance, I woke up at 8:15 instead of 7 and I decided to head to the pool at 2pm instead of 3pm. I ultimately opted out of the show tonight because there’s 2 shows tomorrow I want to watch and tomorrow we’ll be adventuring the island so I figured I’d likely get zero work done tomorrow. As a result, it made sense to grind it out now and enjoy tomorrow. I’m still going to try to get a bit of review in tomorrow am before we get to the port at 10am, but if I don’t, I won’t be too upset. I mean, I am on vacation so I deserve a bit of a break here and there.


For some, being organized and having a schedule is stressful. But for me it’s an essential part to juggling my obligations. As you can see, I left room for breaks, and I was realistic with my time. It was more of a guide and I am pretty flexible as well. For instance at 2pm I realized I wanted to maximize the sun as much as possible so heading out to the pool early made sense. Thankfully I’m able to study in the loudest of settings so I was unbothered while I was getting my reading done on my iPad with Caribbean tunes blaring and children screaming in the background.


You don’t have to create as detailed of a scheduled as mine, but at least have a plan. I know that some people feel overwhelmed by schedules so perhaps you don’t want to outline exactly when you’ll be studying but saying something like “I want to get 4 hours in of studying before dinner” is better than not having a plan at all. By having a plan, you have a way of gauging your productivity.




The next secret to finding balance is to be prepared to sacrifice. I say this because sometimes, we forget that we can’t do it all. On this trip I knew I’d have to sacrifice something. Ultimately, I chose to sacrifice some of the cruise activities like the show tonight. My other options were to sacrifice sleep, time with family, or sacrifice my study time, but none of those worked for me. Accepting that sacrifices are part of the hustle makes it easier when it comes time to actually give something up. During the cruise, it was hard to walk away from the rest of the group, but it was slightly easier because I already mentally prepared myself that I’d be giving up a few things on this journey of mine. Also keep in mind that school and work doesn’t have to always be the priority. There have been plenty of times that academics came second to my well-being and happiness (thankfully my med school is pass/fail so because grades don’t matter it’s easier to make this sacrifice).


studying by the pool


At the end of the day finding balance takes a lot of work. But with a little bit of planning and a little bit of sacrifice you can truly make anything happen. Okay I’m off to get more work done but I hope this post encourages you to get after whatever it is that you’ve been pulling off. If I’m in my room on a cruise studying then you can make the sacrifices and organize yourself to be checking things off your to-do list too.



A little work and a little play, don’t worry, it wasn’t all work on my vacation!


xo, Trisha




keeping your blessings

Think about the things that you value the most and think of all that you’ve done to acquire them. Maybe it was a little hard work, or perhaps you knew the right people, or maybe you were simply in the right place at the right time. What are your blessings and how did you get them? For me, my blessings exist in every aspect of my life. Life in itself is a blessing, along with my education, the fact that I’m in medical school, my family and friends, different opportunities that have been extended to me, plus many more. I worked hard for these beautiful things in my life. Many times, I sacrificed a lot to have them. But most importantly, I prayed fervently for them.


I remember when I wanted to get into medical school. I would have given up my first born child in exchange for an acceptance letter if I needed to. I’m also pretty sure getting into medical school was my one and only prayer, every day from the moment I submitted my application until I got in. When I received my first acceptance letter, I felt like I hit the jackpot and when multiple acceptances were rolling in, I was beside myself. I nearly fell out at work when I found at that I got into my first choice school (which is where I am now).

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It seems like it was just yesterday that I was blogging about the beginning of Fall and now we’re at December… Where did the time go?! Here’s my recap of all things November!


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  • REFOCUSING BLOG PURPOSE — My hope is to inspire and motivate others so that they can realize that it’s not impossible to have a beautiful life that’s full of joy and love, plus more than they could have ever imagined (even while staying on a budget)! I hope that by sharing my experiences through life and medicine I can inspire and encourage my readers to cherish the simple things in life, take leaps of faith, and try to be their best selves daily.


  • UPDATED MENU/ CATEGORIES — This change ties in with what I said in my previous bullet. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a multidimensional girl and I want my space to reflect that. Yes I’m in medical school (and yes it takes up my life and energy 99.99% of the time), but I love home decor, yummy recipes, style, travel, and everything else in between that contributes to my beautiful life. I hope these new categories give you a better sense of what you can find here in my digital home and I also hope it’s now easier to navigate the site.



  • WEEKLY EMAIL HIATUS — My weekly emails are temporarily on hiatus for the next few weeks. Instead of my usual weekly automated updates, I’ll be trying out a newsletter-style email that is more personalized. I’m thinking of sending these out 1-2x a month (no more than that, I promise). These changes will be rolling out around Mid-December/ Early-January so be on the look out!


  • POST RECAPS — Here’s some of my favorites and most popular posts this month!
    • Finding Your Tribe – What they don’t tell you about forming your tribe aka your power circle!
    • How to Win at Life – Tips for getting what you want and going after opportunities you deserve/
    • The DryBar Review – I went to The DryBar twice this month and here’s my final review on this chain if you have natural tresses.
    • Premed’s Ultimate Guide to Research Opportunities Part 1/3 – In part 1, I wrote all about finding research opportunities. Look out for part 2 and 3 where I will be discussing how to find funding and how to maximize your research experience.



Around the House

  • Seriously, no updates here. I’m trying to teach myself more discipline and patience in regards to buying things I don’t need. PLUS I may be moving soon and I already have SO MUCH STUFF. I don’t want to get anything else until my moving plans are finalized. I’ll know for sure by March though. Until then I will be doing decor posts here and there but you can count on seeing a bunch of reorganizing and DIY projects instead of making major purchases.



Around the Hospital

  • THE DOCTOR I WANT TO BE — I haven’t talked about this at all but I had a few family members in the hospital. It’s a different perspective to see everything from their point of view. I have more than one family member who cannot make their own medical decisions and seeing my family advocate on their behalf further motivates me to be a physician who LISTENS and  PUTS THE PATIENTS’ NEEDS FIRST especially when they don’t have a family fighting for them, like my loved ones do.


  • NEW PERSPECTIVES & FINDING BALANCE — I was recently reminded of the fragility of life and how easy it can be taken away. There’s times where I’m stuck in the past and then there’s other times when I can’t wait to move from this season I’m in. Too much of both extremes is never good and I’m trying to find a better balance between living in the moment and looking forward to the future.


Around My Life

  • GMAT DONE!! — I took the GMAT last week! YAYAYAY! I am so happy this test is over with. I met my goal even though I took the test running on 3 hours of sleep and only finished 2/9 review books. I’m started wondering how I would have scored if I had gotten rest the night before, finished my review books, and studied a bit more thoroughly. As a result, I’ll probably retake it over winter break to try to beat my score (I am always competing with MYSELF, not others, to be the best me). The best part about the GMAT is that you get your score report automatically after submitting your exam and you have 72 hours to cancel your score. HELLO CAN WE HAVE THIS FOR MEDICAL BOARDS?!


  • HARVARD YALE 2016 — In celebration of completing the  GMAT I made a quick turnaround trip to Boston for the annual Harvard Yale Game. It was my first weekend FREE in forever and I thoroughly enjoyed the temporary break from all things academic. We lost for the first time in forever so that was disappointing, but it was awesome seeing my friends and sorority sisters! I’m trying to plan a reunion with them again for December but we’ll see.


  • ALMOST VACATION! — I am getting ready to go to the Caribbean over winter break. It will be my first real vacation in years and I couldn’t be more excited! I can’t wait to share my experiences with you all.


Around the Closet

  • J. CREW EXCURSION VEST — I bought the J. Crew excursion vest in Cabernet and I love it. It was perfect for Harvard Yale and everyone kept complimenting my outfit. I paired it with an ivory turtle neck, dark skinny jeans, and cognac leather boots. P.S. don’t buy this vest at full price, J. Crew always has a sale of some sort going on. I’d wait until it was at least 30% off or until the end of the season to get it much cheaper to save it for next year. P.P.S. If you can’t wait that long, there are other colors and materials on clearance right now! Use a discount code for additional percentage off!


  • LEATHER BOOTS — I also bought the Steve Madden Intyce boots in cognac. Funny story but these are my ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOTS in the world. I had them in undergrad and wore them so much I put a hole in the sole. My mom saw the hole over winter break and was livid that I still had them. She bought me different boots as a replacement but I was sad because I couldn’t find the Intyce anywhere. A few weeks ago I was browsing TJ Maxx when I saw a box of brown leather boots that looked like my beloved Intyce boots from college and guess what… They were! I’m so happy Steve Madden brought them back. I used to have a black pair so I got the cognac this time, although I will probably pick up a black pair as well if they go on sale. They are $99 at TJ Maxx but if you can’t find them there, they’re $112 on Zappos (use the app for free 1 day shipping!!). They take a few wears to break in (I do this by wearing thick socks with them the first few times) but once they mold to your feet, they are so comfy and can last for many seasons.



A peak at my Harvard Yale outfit! Vest = J. Crew /// Turtle neck = Ralph Lauren /// Boots = Steve Madden!


  • I discovered this blog by Kachi! She lives in London and is a laywer and also a blogger. Her style is super cute and I love her posts. I’m always on the hunt for women bloggers (especially those who are also working professionals). She has a cute love story and shares great posts. Definitely stop by and check out her posts.


  • I love this post on Kevin MD. As as student who’s interested in the intersection of health and business, I found this pretty interesting. Any thoughts?


Whew! Okay that was a LONG update. I’m looking forward to December so that I can go on vacation! How was your November? Let me know in the comments below!


xo, Trisha


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