SHOP MY LOOK: TOP | SHOES | JEANS LIFE LATELY: Well I haven’t done one of these in a MINUTE… These used to be a weekly thing but then my life got boring #sorrynotsorry I’ve had a few life changes so I figured I’d come out of hiding and bring another life lately for you all. I love writing these posts, and if you’re nosy like me then you probably enjoy reading about the details of someone’s life on the internet. I have a few life announcements BUT I won’t be making those until a little while later. Anyways, life has been good to me recently. I’m FINALLY… View Post

SHOP MY LOOK: Back in August I was suckered into buying AirPods. I originally went to the Apple Store to get a new Apple Watch (which I love so much btw) and I somehow I walked out with AirPods in my hands instead. Before my purchase, I didn’t know much about them except that they were expensive bluetooth earphones. I already owned multiple earphones but despite the fact that I have way too many earphones for one person, I took the plunge and purchased these ones. Truthfully, this was NOT a necessary purchase at all, and more of an expensive “treat yourself” splurge. With that… View Post

Today I’m sharing another post in my A Day in the Life Series. In the past, I shared A Day in the Life of Psychiatry and A Day in the Life of Internal Medicine so if you missed those, definitely check those out (don’t worry I’ll wait here). I’m currently wrapping up my surgery rotation (hallelujah *insert praise hands emoji here*) and recently I completed two of my required overnight trauma calls. For those of you not in the medical field, taking call/ being on call is when you stay in the hospital and evaluate the patients that come to the emergency department and bring them… View Post

  As a medical student blogger, I can’t help but notice the increase in medicine/ pre-med related blogs. I also noticed a lack of professionalism coming from a lot of these digital outlets. Medicine is known to be pretty competitive and cut-throat so I’m excited to see the collaboration of students and healthcare professionals through various online platforms, blogs, and social media accounts. But with that being said, I think we can all afford to have a bit of a refresher on online relations and how to stay professional in the digital world. As a future doctor I feel like I am scrutinized even more… View Post

I have planned out this post in my head for over a week now, but every time I bring myself to write, I don’t have the energy to type anything. If you’re a regular reader, then you’d know that on Sunday’s I do a weekly recap called Life Lately, where I get a bit more personal and recap my week. I share my medical school experiences, places I’ve explored in LA, things I’ve purchased recently, what I’ve read, etc. This week, I’m doing things a bit differently and I’ll be explaining where I’ve been and what I’m working on. I know I don’t owe anyone anything,… View Post