Favorite Birthday Cake Recipe!

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butter cake with powdered sugar

I absolutely love me a good birthday cake. In honor of my 25th birthday coming up, I wanted to share my favorite cake recipe in case you wanted to try it. 9 times out of 10,  I bake my cakes from scratch. Every once in a while I’ll make a Pilsbury Funfetti Cake with Vanilla Frosting from the box but usually I prefer homemade recipes.

My favorite cake recipe is a pretty simple one and it’s found on the box of cake flour so it’s super easy to remember. This is also called a 3-2-1 recipe and there’s a bunch of variations online if you google it. Personally I prefer the recipe on the box of Swans Down cake flour. The only deviation is that I don’t always add as much sugar and sometimes I replace the almond extract with extra vanilla extract, or I skip the almond extract all together. Truthfully it depends on my mood.

For a topping I almost always make a caramel glaze. I don’t follow a specific recipe. I usually eyeball this but I add about 1/2-1 stick of butter, a teaspoon of water, and then slowly add sugar. Make sure you keep the heat on low/medium and stir regularly until you get a syrupy texture. For a thicker glaze let the glaze cool for a minute or two. For a more heavy and sweet caramel, I use brown sugar (dark or light… depends what I have on hand) but for a lighter & more buttery glaze, I use confectioners sugar. Personally I prefer the confectioner sugar glaze because it’s not as heavy and sweet as a traditional caramel glaze. I call it my “butter sauce” since it’s more butter than sugar but a light syrupy butter. I know… totally not healthy but I promise it tastes heavenly.

When the cake is done, I poke small holes in the top and sides with a toothpick, and then I pour my glaze on top. The holes allow the glaze to seep into the cake and make it extra moist and sweet inside. Sometimes I sift some confectioners sugar on top for decoration. Other times, I skip the glaze all together and I only sift some confectioners sugar on top for some light sweetness.

And that’s it, my favorite birthday cake! You can serve with whipped cream and fresh fruit, ice cream, chocolate icing or whatever you want. I like my cakes simple so powdered sugar or my butter glaze are usually my go to.

butter cake with sugar and glaze

butter cake with powdered sugar

butter cake with fruit

What is your favorite type of birthday cake? If you end up trying this recipe then let me know in the comments down below!

-xo, Trisha

October 3, 2016

Faith Game Strong

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faith game strong

Happy Sunday Friends!

As promised, I’m continuing my streak to bring you 25 days of blog posts to lead up to my 25th birthday. First of all, do you know how hard it is to come up with 25 posts?! It’s hard. And then to write them all. Double hard.

Anyways, it’s Sunday and I figured that there’s no better day to write a faith/ inspiration piece for you all. But then I realized I had nothing to say. I haven’t been to church. I haven’t journaled/ had a quiet time since forever. I have prayed but not for real… like I’ve been doing those quick bitty prayers that I remember to do just as I’m falling asleep that end with “sorry God, but you know my heart” before I pass out (maybe I’m the only one that does this). Anyways I say all of this to point out that I really don’t have it all together. When it comes to this faith thing, I really just take it one step at a time, day by day.

So I know you’re reading this and you’re like “Um Trisha I think you forgot the title… it says faith game STRONG not weak”. The thing is though, being strong in your faith doesn’t mean that you have it all together. Despite what it looks like from the outside, I can say that I’m in a much better spiritual place than I have been in the past. Yes, I may be on my way to earning an F for church attendance but I’ve also grown in being able to share my faith with others and not hiding my beliefs out of fear of not fitting in.

Why do we think of success in check boxes? For instance with academics, success means straight A’s, high test scores, high standardized exams, etc. But there’s other ways to measure the success of a student such as overall improvement in material learned, what skills they gained, what information they  retained, and how they matured. When we look at faith I think we tend to do the same thing sometimes. How much do they pray, have they been to XYZ house of worship recently, are they part of a committee or a leadership team, does their social media look like they love God, etc.  I’m not saying that these things aren’t important but they’re not the only criteria for determining how strong someone’s faith is.

There was a time where I was always involved in church. I volunteered for everything, lead different programs and committees. I eventually stopped because I realized I was going through the motions and had to work on me before I could pour out into other people and ministries. Like I mentioned earlier, my church attendance is only online, I dropped out of bible study, I don’t belong to any small groups, I don’t volunteer, I’m not part of a ministry. But regardless of all of that I feel like my faith is strongest now than it’s ever been. Even though I don’t look like the all-star Chrisitan role model, I still feel like one.


Sometimes strong faith doesn’t look like what we think it does. Sometimes it means going to a friend and asking for prayer because you haven’t done it in so long and you almost forgot how. It means redownloading your worship songs because you were forced to delete them to make space for the latest Beyonce album. It means going to the new church and standing up when they ask if there’s new guests even though you’re terrified of all those people. It means walking up to the front of the room at the altar call even though you’re not convinced God won’t strike the church down with thunder and lightening simply because you’re standing in it.

I’m thankful for this journey of highs and lows. I find it ironic how I feel the strongest in my faith when outwardly it looks like the complete opposite. I’m thankful for the strength to be vulnerable and to share with others. And I’m especially thankful for self-awareness because without that I wouldn’t really grow, mature, or get far. Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey, remember that the strength of your faith isn’t always determined by what it looks like to others on the outside. And that applies to anything you to. You can still be MVP of a sports team without scoring any points, and you can still have strong faith even though you’re still working to get to where you want to be spiritually.

-xo, Trisha

faith game strong


October 2, 2016

The Worst Advice I Ever Received

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I’m 2 for 2 in keeping up with #25for25yrs!! If you missed my post yesterday, my goal is to blog for the next 25 days to countdown to my 25th birthday. Today I’m talking about the worst advice I ever received.

Most of the time, I try to surround myself with people who have good intentions and who I know will support me. But every once in a while I go against my better judgement and take the wrong advice. Here’s a few of the least helpful things I’ve been told over the past few years:


1. Don’t pay extra for guacamole at Chipotle.

You don’t need this kind of negativity in your life. I know that guac is an extra $50000, down payment on a house, and your first born child. But still it’s worth it every time. And if you have friends that don’t like guacamole then get rid of them (jk but seriously don’t trust their tastebuds and food suggestions).


2. Don’t try.

This is pretty much self-explanatory. For the record, there are many ways to tell you not to try. Sometimes this looks like “Maybe you should rethink XYZ” or “That seems nice but is it really possible”? As a lofty dreamer my friends keep me grounded and I appreciate them for that. But they have never told me NOT to do something. There’s a difference between making sure someone has a realistic, well thought out plan and actively discouraging someone to step out and try something new. Make sure you surround yourself with those who know the difference.


3. Black girls don’t look good in ______.

Can also be rephrased with big girls, red heads, fair skin girls, etc. Don’t let others dictate your style and your beauty. I have heard so many times that black girls don’t look good in red lips or fun pink lips in spring. My favorite is “black girls don’t look good in colored eyeshadow”. I’m a lover of neutral eyes myself but every once in a while I love to dabble in a little color, sparkle, and shimmer and I look great doing it.


4. Don’t go to medical school (I was told this before AND AFTER I got accepted).

People who tell you not to pursue your dreams are not your friends. Even after I got into medical school, I had people giving unsolicited advice telling me not to go… obviously I ignored them.


5. Life isn’t about being happy, it’s about being successful.

Someone told me this and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. What’s the point in being successful if you’re not happy? I’m all for stacking paper and collecting your coins but all the material items in the world won’t bring you joy.


At the end of the day, people will give you great advice and not so great advice. I find that by surrounding myself with the right people and weeding out those who don’t have my best interest in mind, I’m able to avoid the negativity and advice like this becomes few and far between.

xo, Trisha

P.S. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another post in honor of #25for25yrs!

October 1, 2016

#25for25yrs – It’s Never Too Late [1/25]

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never too late quote

As you can see from the title, this is post 1 out of 25 posts. If you caught my post yesterday, in honor of my 25th birthday, I will be doing a blogathon for the 25 days leading up to my birthday. I’m so excited to share my stories and my journey thus far with you. I’m hoping that these posts will give you a deeper look into me and what I’m all about as well as some insightful lessons, bits of motivation, a sprinkle of entertainment and a whole lot of inspiration. To continue on the fun, check back here each day and also follow me on IG (@threethousandmiles) where I’ll be posting using the hashtag #25for25yrs.

Today I want to share one of the greatest lessons that I’ve learned in my short journey through life. It may sound cliché and I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that:

“It’s NEVER too late!”

never too late quote

Growing up I was a competitive cheerleader and a gymnast. Don’t ask me to tumble now but I used to love vault and bars and competed on both in high school. My competitive cheerleading team was nationally ranked and we consistently placed within the top 3 at nationals within our division. We were awesome and I have so many memories with them.

Unlike the other girls on my team I was relatively new to the world of cheer. A lot of them started as little kids and they had amazing tumbling skills to show for it. I was an ex-dancer/ gymnast and wanted a fun way to make friends and stay active. My background made it easy for me to pick up on cheerleading but even during my gymnastics days I HATED tumbling so much. So I was less than amused when my coach made it mandatory for all of us to tumble during our routine at competitions.


Me and a few members of my old team before a competition!

One season, I found out about this awesome summer camp called Woodward. If you’re into cheer/ gymnastics you’ve likely heard of it. Basically, it’s an intensive camp for cheer and gymnastics enthusiasts to train and learn new skills. After months of begging my mom, I visited campus in Pennsylvania and fell in love. I knew that a few weeks at camp would help bring back my confidence in tumbling and that I would come back to my cheer team ready to flip across the mat.

After much convincing, my mother agreed to let me sign up. Except the thing was I never went. For whatever reason I decided that 14 years old was too late to learn to tumble and to learn new tricks. I figured I was too old and it was too late for me grow as a gymnast and cheerleader. In other words, I gave up before I ever got started. After that summer I started a new cheer season and continued with minimal progression in my tumbling skills. It wasn’t until much later that I realized how stupid it was to hold myself back.

During my time as a cheerleader, I always regretted not going to Woodward for the summer. Even if I didn’t come out as the next Gabby Douglass the training and the experience would have been so beneficial for me.

“I let myself quit before I even got a chance to really start”

It’s really hard to get into something, especially when you feel like you’re perpetually behind or when you’re starting later than everyone else. Whether you’re new to the cheer team, or you’re the nontraditional pre-med who decided she wanted to go to med school later in life, it’s hard not to compare yourself to others.

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But regardless of where you are in your journey, don’t ever deny yourself the opportunity to learn and grow. I made a mistake by not going to cheer camp. How many times have you denied yourself an opportunity to do something great out of fear of failure, or because you felt like you were too late or too old? Looking back, I had 3 solid years of competitive cheer left and that doesn’t include the additional 4 years of cheer I did in college. It was silly of my to feel like training at 14 years old was worthless, especially since I had so many years left to compete. Who cares that I wasn’t tumbling at 4 years old like my other teammates? The sad part is, I watched cheerleaders who were even newer and older than me learn and master skills that I denied myself from learning. The difference between them and me was that I gave up and I wrongfully decided it was “too late”.

harvard cheerleading

An old photo of my old Harvard Cheer teammates and I at cheerleading nationals in Daytona, FL!

Maybe you’re in a position where you’re looking to change paths or perhaps you’ve had opportunities to develop and grow. Whatever your situation may be, please don’t give up. Go to cheer camp, sign up for the post-bacc, switch your major, take that dance class, etc. There are already so many obstacles and hurdles many of us have to cross each day, don’t become an additional barrier to your success.

Since forgoing cheer camp, I have tried to not make the same mistake twice. I now take every opportunity I can get to further myself and to get closer to my dreams. Even if others around me got a head start, it doesn’t mean that I can’t finish the race, and the same goes for you too! Since then I’ve advanced myself in so many ways. I’ve learned to bake and decorate cakes, I decided to change my path in my medical journey, I’ve set new goals, and so much more.

As I’m approaching 25 it’s so important for me to remember these lessons. I’m only getting older and I refuse to limit myself and my growth. Here’s to never limiting ourselves and not allowing doubts and fears to get in the way of our dreams!

cheerleading team

My old cheer team and I at a competition. Big bows, glitter eyes, and lots of blush was the trend that season lol!

Xo, Trisha

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September 30, 2016

Countdown to 25 Years Old! #25for25yrs

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25 for 25 yrs

If you’ve been following along on my journey you’d already know that I have been anticipating my 25th birthday coming up and that I’ve already had a premature quarter life crisis.

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Tomorrow marks the beginning of my countdown to 25 years old! I knew that for the last month or so leading up to my birthday I wanted to share something each day in honor of my 25th birthday but I couldn’t decide what I wanted to write about. I contemplated sharing a “favorite” each day or a motivational quote each day. But ultimately, I decided on #25f0r25yrs. 25 for 25 is more than a hashtag I’ll be using. For the next 25 days I will be sharing reflections from the last 25 years of my life.


What does this mean for you as a reader?

It means that for the next 25 days you’ll find something new from me EACH DAY! Topics will range from reflections, to throwbacks (pictures included), to funny posts, to lessons learned and so much more. While I love any opportunity to sit back and reflect, my posts are going to be just as much for you as they are for me. My goal is that you’re entertained, inspired, and motivated by my thoughts, reflections, wishes, and stories from the past 25 years.

Additionally, I hope my birthday countdown posts will give you a chance to get to know me and see a bit more of my journey. I only started blogging in January but there’s sprinkles of my life that I’m excited to share with you that are from before I started blogging.


How do you join in on the fun?

All you have to do is visit Three Thousand Miles each day and check back for the latest post (www.threethousandmilesblog.com). Also definitely follow my journey on instagram (@threethousandmiles) or you can follow along with the hashtag #25for25yrs on instagram and twitter! I’ll be sharing photos and videos and reminders of my latest post. Also, if you have bloglovin’ definitely subscribe to get my latest posts in your bloglovin’ feed by clicking here.

I’m so excited for you to follow along! Here’s to 25 days of stories, reflections, vulnerability, truth, motivation, faith, and inspiration!

xo, Trisha

25 for 25 yrs

September 29, 2016